arts + sciences - why robotics at lawrence tech?

Why Robotics Education at Lawrence Tech?

Robotics is the science of building and programming robots. Robotics in classes enables students to learn STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) subjects by doing. Thanks to the low cost robotics kits such as Lego®Mindstorms® NXT and Lego®Mindstorms® Education NXT, there are many robotics teams for various competitions in Michigan schools as listed below:

  • First Lego League: 300 Middle school teams
  • Robofest: 80 middle school teams, 30 high school teams
  • FIRST High School Robotics: 80-100 high school teams
  • OCCRA: 30 teams in Oakland County

About 200-300 middle (elementary) school teachers and 100-120 high school teachers are currently involved in robotics teams.

Lawrence Tech will provide you with the opportunity to learn robotics technologies, to teach robotics in your classes, to be a technical mentor of robotics teams, and to earn a higher degree.


Call or send an e-mail to program directors Dr. V. Tobos (248-204-3617) or Dr. Pam Lowry at (248-204-3653) and/or