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Master of Educational Technology

Degree Requirements


30 credit hours required (21 core 9 electives). 

The NP required course (Educational Technology OR Instructional Technology Endorsement called NP) are also specified below. If you already have a teacher certification in any area of teaching and are interested in the NP  please contact

Six to nine appropriate graduate credits can be transferred upon director approval.

MET courses are online therefore use of Internet, email, and computer is expected beginning with the first class in the program.

Core Courses (also used for NP endorsement)

MET6203 Computer Applications for Education (LTU) - NP requirement
MET6213 Applied Instructional Technology (LTU) - NP requirement
MET6223 Multimedia Development 1 (LTU) - NP requirement
MET6403 (EDT640) Technology Tools for Teachers (online MG) - NP requirement
MET6883 (EDT688) Issues in Educational Technology (online MG) - NP requirement
MET5733 (SED573) Assistive Technology in Special Education(online MG - only offered FALL semesters) - NP requirement
MET6303 Capstone Project


MET6243 Distance Learning Through Technology - NP requirement

 Other Electives

  • MET6113 Contemporary Pedagogies in Education (LTU)
  • MET6243 Distance Learning (LTU)
  • MET6233 Multimedia Development 2 - MET6223 is prerequisite  (LTU)
  • MET5263 Autonomous Robotics for Education 1 (LTU - hybrid 50% on ground)
  • MET6263 Autonomous Robotics for Education 2 (LTU - hybrid: 50% on ground)

*MG = delivered by Marygrove College faculty



The Master of Educational Technology program is open to all teachers who wish to increase their skills in using technology in the classroom. Call or send an e-mail to program directors Dr. Valentina Tobos (248-204-3617) and Dr. Pam Lowry at (248-204-3653), or