The certificate in Computer Science requires the following courses:

Course Number Subject Credits
MCS 1514* Computer Science I 4
MCS 2514* Computer Science II 4
MCS 2513 Software Engineering I 3
MCS 2523 Discrete Math 3
MCS 2534 Data Structures 4
MCS 3543 Introduction to Database Systems 3
MCS 3663 Computer Architecture and Assembly 3
MCS 4653 Theory of Computation 3
MCS 4663 Operating Systems 3
Total 30
*MCS 1514 and MCS 2514 may be transferred in with a grade of B or better.
*2.0 GPA in these classes required to earn this certificate.

Additional information

Patrick Nelson, PhD, Chair
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

Ghassan Azar, PhD,
Computer Science Programs Director
Department of Math and Computer Science

Lawrence Tech Office of Admissions or 800.CALL.LTU