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Undergraduate Certificate in Computer Science

Computers affect almost every aspect of modern-day life – and as the technology continues to advance, so does the demand for computer scientists. This is especially evident when you consider the expected employment growth rate: 12-24 percent through 2026 – much faster than the national average. And with median salaries that range from about $106,000 for software developers to $143,000 for computer and information systems managers – there’s no doubting the value of computer science skills.



The certificate in Computer Science requires the following courses:

Course Number Subject Cr. Hrs.
MCS 1514* Computer Science I 4
MCS 2514* Computer Science II 4
MCS 2513 Software Engineering I 3
MCS 2523 Discrete Math 3
MCS 2534 Data Structures 4
MCS 3543 Introduction to Database Systems 3
MCS 3663 Computer Architecture and Assembly 3
MCS 4653 Theory of Computation 3
MCS 4663 Operating Systems 3
Total 30

*MCS 1514 and MCS 2514 may be transferred in with a grade of B or better. *2.0 GPA in these classes required to earn this certificate.