Scholars Program Summer Connections

SCCS: Summer Connections Culture Shock!!


August 12-16

Incoming first-year students are encouraged to attend Summer Connections, a five-day introduction to the expectations of college life.

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    New experiences

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    Teambuilding activities

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    Classroom experience


At Summer Connections, students will:

  • Learn about University resources
  • Master innovative learning techniques
  • Gain valuable college-survival skills
  • Get a head start on their classes
  • Build new friendships.

Returning Scholars interns help run Summer Connections in partnership with Lawrence Tech faculty and staff.

Students divide their days among academic, co-curricular, and fun team-building activities. All Summer Connections students stay in our Housing for the week-long program, even if they plan on being commuter students.

Thanks to the sponsorship of the King-Parks-Chavez Program , Summer Connections is offered at no additional cost to students. Students may apply at Orientation & Registration, or by contacting the Program Director, below.


Summer Connections 2015 Contact Information:  To apply to Summer Connections, please contact scholars@ltu.edu .


The LTU Scholars Program is just one of the KCP Programs on our campus. Programs developed with KCP support include the  Summer Connections , The Academic Achievement Center , Academic Pre-Courses , Commuter Student Programs and Clinical Counseling Services .