Faculty Research Council

The Faculty Research Council (FRC) supports the interdisciplinary and impactful research and scholarship performed by faculty and students within the College of Arts and Sciences (CoAS). The FRC provides support for grant and fellowship identification and proposal writing, logistical assistance to project management, and mentorship in scholarship, tenure, and promotion. The FRC works jointly with the Office of Sponsored Research and Institutional Grants and advises the VP of Research and CoAS Dean's offices on matters of research excellence.

The FRC consists of six members total with two members coming from each of the College's three departments (HSSC, NS, MCS). The chairperson of the FRC is the Associate Dean of Research. Members are elected by the departments they represent on a rotating schedule for three year terms. The Associate Dean of Research is elected by the Council annually. The FRC is governed by the following Handbook, which was ratified by the CoAS faculty-at-large in Fall 2023:

Faculty Research Council Handbook PDF

The FRC upholds a steadfast commitment to the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion, which make the College and broader scholarship communities intellectually richer, more innovative, more creative, and more productive.

Contact Us

Requests for Faculty Research Council assistance in grant-writing or project management, or for further information, can be made to:

Matthew D. Johnston, mjohnsto1@ltu.edu .

Current Members


Matthew D. Johnston
Associate Dean of Research


Jason Barrett


CJ Chung


Julia Kiernan


Meng Zhou


Julie Zwiesler-Vollick

Sponsored Research and Institutional Grants

Sponsored Research and Institutional Grants is organizationally responsible for support of externally restricted funding for research and other sponsor funded activities. The office supports faculty proposal development and administration of funded projects.

Office of Sponsored Research and Institutional Grants