Dual Bachelor'sPhysics and Mathematical Sciences


Mathematics is the lens through which Physicists perceive the mysteries of the universe, and the language with which they express the fundamental questions and answers that take them from the start of their search to the summit of their science. More than merely complementary, these subjects are inseparable, mutually supportive, and each reflecting the essential, indispensable qualities of the other.

Graduates with a degree in Physics are finding a myriad of professional opportunities. This program has been designed to substantially expand the depth and breadth of academic exposure and dramatically increase their attractiveness to employers. Given the extent to which mathematics already makes up a significant part of the coursework done by students in physics, the chance to double their major is a natural one. Twice the reward, twice the opportunities.

Why LTU?

  • The opportunity of paid research assistantships supported by the National Science Foundation which offer the possibility of working one-to-one with physics faculty, being published in professional journals, and enjoying paid travel to international conferences.
  • An active award-winning Society of Physics Students (SPS) that offers academic support, promotes scientific outreach, and hosts social events.

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