Bachelor of Science in Chemistry Concentration in Biochemistry and Chemical Biology

Did you know biology isn’t just for biologists anymore? That chemists have crossed over into the field? And that biochemists and chemical biologists are at the forefront of many recent scientific advances?

It’s true – and their work touches nearly every aspect of our lives – including agriculture, biotechnology and healthcare. They have analyzed DNA traces found during crime scene investigations, formulated insulin and other life-saving medicines, and have even designed yeast-based biosensors that sniff out explosives.

If this emerging discipline sounds exciting, then Lawrence Tech’s Bachelor of Science in Chemistry with a concentration in Biochemistry and Chemical Biology might be the right degree for you. This degree program was designed to prepare you for this exciting field with a strong background in both chemistry and biology – and a full appreciation of their interdependence. Career options range from forensic science, medicine and molecular cell biology to the pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology, medical technology and more. The program also prepares you for graduate school in many scientific disciplines or advanced degrees in the health professions such as dentistry, medicine, veterinary science, optometry and pharmacy.

Why LTU?

  • You’ll learn from faculty with exciting research programs, industry experience, and professional networks.
  • You’ll learn in small classes with faculty that engage students in active and collaborative learning activities and course-based research experiences.
  • You’ll be a name – not a number. You’ll be advised and mentored by a faculty member in your discipline.
  • You’ll join a tight-knit community of caring faculty, staff, and students with opportunities to join our many science-related student organizations, including our American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and American Chemical Society student chapters.
  • All of our chemistry degree programs are approved by the American Chemical Society, a professional organization that promotes excellence in chemistry education.

ACS-approved programs offer a broad-based and rigorous chemistry education that gives students intellectual, experimental, and communication skills to become effective scientific professionals.

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Bachelor of Science in Chemistry with a concentration in Biochemistry and Chemical Biology 2023 PDF  

124 credit-hour program consists of:



Biochemists and chemical biologists can find work in many fields, including pharmacology, toxicology and drug synthesis. Typically they work in a research lab, using their knowledge in chemistry to create new compounds that can be used to help people.

Find work in these fields

Forensic Science
Medical Technology
Molecular Cell Biology
Research and Development