Bachelor of Science inChemistry


The study of substance itself. Chemists explore the composition and properties of matter, investigating the ways in which elements and compounds combine and react, creating new chemicals to address a diverse array of industrial, engineering, and medical needs.


ACS-approved programs offer a broad-based and rigorous chemistry education that gives students intellectual, experimental, and communication skills to become effective scientific professionals.

Graduates of LTU’s chemistry program are well-positioned to find meaningful employment in a variety of rewarding fields, from product manufacturing and quality control, to toxicological research and next-generation medical development. This is also a preferred major for students seeking admission to medical school and other health-related professions. Our graduates also enjoy a high rate of acceptance to top-rated graduate programs to further their careers in research.

Why LTU?

  • Dedicated faculty with extensive research and industry experience who are ready to mentor students through professional networking and career placement assistance
  • Program is approved by the American Chemical Society, a professional organization that promotes excellence in chemistry education
  • Opportunities to join our many science-related student organizations, including our American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and American Chemical Society student chapters.

Office of Admissions


Department of Natural Sciences