Bachelor of Science in Computer ScienceGame Software Development


Amusement, amazement, education, entertainment; gaming possesses multiple purposes and represents an exciting synthesis of science and art, power and playability. Game designers conceive and create interactive games for consumer use, applying aspects of probability, technology, artificial intelligence, and visual and sound aesthetics to enable and enhance a game playing experience.

In the Computer Science degree and Game Software Development concentration, students can learn the tools to become experienced and adaptable programmers, while applying Lawrence Tech’s motto of using their creativity to create magical moments in the medium of video games. Due to the interdisciplinary nature of game development, classes expose students to not only the intricacies of how to make a game, but also to how to work along people with different specialties and just as much passion for the craft.

Why LTU?

  • Interdisciplinary collaboration with the Game Design program prepares students for the teamwork expected of industry participants
  • Focus on technical communication skills prepares students for rigors of programming jobs.
  • Opportunities for professional networking such as school trips, expos, and meetups.

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