Bachelor of Science in Computer ScienceConcentration in Artificial Intelligence


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is proven to be a key element in technological innovations in the ever-expanding digital age. As Computer utilization becomes more sophisticated, analyzing problems and programming solutions requires advanced AI algorithms to deal with Big Data such as machine learning, deep learning, data mining, and pattern recognition.

The most highly discussed and debated subject in contemporary computer culture, and the rare technological advancement about which we might correctly anticipate with no exaggeration “this is going to change the world.” Artificial Intelligence represents revolutionary computer science at its most challenging and potentially beneficial, investing the power of analysis and deductive reasoning into increasingly sophisticated machine minds.

The degree program merges multiple disciplines with computer science, incorporating mathematics, statistics, and cognitive psychology to provide a comprehensive understanding of AI. This allows students to gain an integrated understanding of AI systems, their development, and their implications.

Why LTU?

  • Real-world applications and projects. We offer students the opportunity to engage in practical applications of AI technologies from text applications to robotics.
  • Innovation and research opportunities: Unique bachelor's degree programs in AI offer extensive research opportunities incorporated into the course with our Course-based Research Experiences (CRE) . Students gain experience with the research process and are encouraged to publish their work, attend conferences, or even develop their own AI start-ups. Many present their work at our annual Research Day, held in April of each year.
  • Strong ethical and societal impact focus: The degree program provides a strong focus on the ethical implications of AI, teaching students to develop and use AI responsibly. Courses discuss topics like bias in AI, privacy issues, and the potential impacts of AI on employment and society.

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