Master of Science Computer Science

The computer has become this century’s version of the wheel; a piece of technology so ubiquitous and essential that nearly every other consequential human endeavor relies upon its effective use. Computer scientists turn this miraculous machine’s potential into power. Beginning with a study of the design and development of automated computation and information processing systems, they incorporate theoretical mathematics, logic, and engineering to improve hardware and software, conceive new applications, explore artificial intelligence, and push the boundaries of automation.

LTU’s degree in computer science will position you for a challenging and rewarding career in a dynamic field with unparalleled projected employment growth. It is the jumping-off point for a wide variety of potential career paths in both the public and private sectors. Opportunities await in such diverse specialties, as computer security, data mining, web applications, game development, robotics, and artificial intelligence. Computer Science professionals are in great demand by private businesses, financial institutions, healthcare providers, and government.

Why LTU?

  • Convenient scheduling built around working professionals and full-time students, with day and evening classes as well as online opportunities
  • An active and dedicated career placement service committed to helping graduates secure meaningful employment and maximize the profitability of their degree
  • Interdisciplinary projects that promote teambuilding and leadership skills, rooted in a hands-on experiential learning approach.
  • A robust and engaging university culture, replete with social activities, sports, job fairs, and opportunities for membership in professional associations

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