Bachelor of Science Technological Humanities


This unique program trains students to use technology and critically examine its social, cultural, philosophical, and artistic implications, designed to provide students with a dynamic set of qualitative and quantitative analytic skills.

Our students create an individualized and flexible course of study with their advisor which combines foundational computer science courses, advanced courses in history, philosophy, and literature, and courses in a technological focus of your choice. Possible fields of study include the social impact of artificial intelligence (AI), big data, bioengineering, or sustainable design. Your degree culminates in an original interdisciplinary research project that offers excellent preparation for industry work and/or graduate studies.

Why LTU 

  • Faculty members who are active researchers in diverse fields such as energy humanities, philosophy of emotion, film adaptation studies, and technocultural theory.
  • The Humanity + Technology lecture series regularly hosts leading scholars in interdisciplinary fields, with special opportunities for 1:1 interaction for Technological Humanities majors.
  • Our elective credits are structured to allow students to take minors in fields they are interested in, such as computer science, marketing, technical communication, or game design.
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In the 21st century, digital technologies are transforming the humanities by providing smarter ways of analyzing and interpreting cultural and historical data. This new academic field helps fulfill the urgent need for professionals with technical skills like data analysis, web development, or new media communication.

Find work in these fields:

  • Business Administration
  • Journalism
  • Law
  • National Security
  • Nonprofit Organizations
  • Social Media
  • Public Policy

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