Bachelor of Science in Media Communication


The greatest demand in media and communication fields today is for cross-trained individuals who can move with confidence and agility among all areas including  film/television production, journalism, broadcasting, post-production, and digital marketing.

This program fulfills the LTU mission of “Theory and Practice”  by offering students a background in critical film and media studies that is balanced with market-ready skills in media production. After graduation, students are prepared for a variety of careers in the studio, on location, and in the digital world.

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LTU students enjoy internships with STATE CHAMPS! learning on-camera and off-camera sports broadcasting skills.


Recent graduate Genna Rose speaks to senior Jason Ross Jr about her previous job as the host of Sports Illustrated's All Lions show.



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State Champs provides increased visibility for LTU and its sports teams

LTU partnership with State Champs trains Media Communication students in Sports Broadcasting
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Media professionals must have the ability to take a project from the
planning stage, through data gathering and analysis, to production and broadcast.
Lawrence Tech’s Media Communication program has been specifically designed to address these requirements.

Digital Portfolio

Every student graduates with a digital portfolio showcasing the best of their creativity and expertise, providing a valuable marketing resource for prospective employers to review.


LTU students learn from the best media professionals in the business; instructors in the program are local news anchors, reporters, news writers, advertising art directors and audio producers.

Sara Schulz (BSMC’18) a senior news photographer and Rachel Sweet (BSMC’17) a reporter, sit together at the WILX TV-10 news desk.

Opportunity Knocks

Even at the Freshman Level – Many on-campus jobs are available for our students who learn hands-on media skills working for our media production and marketing departments; students interested in sports media are paid to shoot, write, edit and work as on-camera talent and commentators for the State Champs! sports show and the LTU Sports Report.


Most broadcast media and video production businesses serving the Detroit metropolitan area are located within a 15-minute drive of campus.

Tech Savvy

All Media Comm students receive a MacBook Pro laptop for use at LTU, loaded with Adobe software (Premier, Photoshop, Illustrator, In Design and After Effects) to help them prepare for careers in digital media.


Through affiliations with local media professionals, our students secure competitive internships in radio, television broadcasting, digital marketing, editing, event production, and sports media.

Critical Media Studies

Students strengthen their writing, communication, media literacy, and critical thinking skills by analyzing film, television, news, and other media in a variety of film and media courses. Topics include Film Genres: From Hollywood to Indie, European Cinema, Special Topics: Horror & Thriller Films, and Class & Gender: British, Spanish & French New Waves.

Former LTU Student Chloe Dunklin wins 30/60 Video Challenge Award at Cobo Center.



Students working in the field


Genna Rose becomes host and publisher for Sports Illustrated’s Tiger Baseball Report.


Rachel Sweet reports about a boy and his adopted dog who has a similar birth defect.


Jason Ross Jr. broadcasting for Sports Illustrated’s Tigers Baseball Report.


Bachelor of Arts in Media Communication with focus in Film, Television and Video Production Flowchart 2023 PDF 

121 credit-hour program consists of:


Graduates with a degree in Media Communication have many career options:

Find work in these fields

Broadcast Television Production & Directing
Film & Video Production or Directing
Radio & Audio Production
On-Camera Broadcasting
Script Writing
Entertainment Production & Management
Broadcast Journalism: News, Sports & Weather
Specialized Journalism: Entertainment, Technology,   Business, Automotive or Science
Editing & Motion Graphics
Event Production
Social Media Marketing
Advertising & Digital Marketing 
Magazine Production: Online & Print
Nonprofit Media Creation
Public Relations
Technical & Professional Communication
Media Research & Analysis