CertificateTechnical and Professional Communication


In the world of business, a decisive advantage belongs to the person who can write and speak with purpose, precision, and power. Effective expression remains one of the most essential standards by which professional merit is measured in the modern workplace. Strong written communication, and the concomitant ability to successfully prepare memoranda, briefs, brochures, and other business-related writing, is an ability highly sought-after across industries.

Students in this program focus on cultivating the essential ability to express technical information and analysis in professional settings with efficacy, economy, and elegance. When you are here, crisp, clear, concise communication is not just an abstract theoretical construct, but a matter of daily, hands-on practice. You will also develop analytical and problem-solving skills and a disciplined work ethic that will prepare you for success across a wide range of professions.

Why LTU?

  • Convenient scheduling built around working professionals and full-time students, with day and evening classes as well as online opportunities
  • An active and dedicated career placement service committed to helping graduates secure meaningful employment and maximize the profitability of their degree
  • Interdisciplinary projects that promote teambuilding and leadership skills, rooted in a hands-on experiential learning approach.
  • A robust and engaging university culture, replete with social activities, sports, job fairs, and opportunities for membership in professional associations

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