The Lawrence Tech Master of Urban Design program recognizes the critical need for understanding cities and aspires to design sustainable urban places that foster equity, joy and beauty. The Master of Urban Design synthesizes numerous disciplines including architecture, planning, landscape, engineering, and sociology; in the context of classical, industrial, suburban, postindustrial and global cities, density is recognized as an asset. 

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Master of Urban Design in Sustainable Urbanism

Join us in 2012! 

There is no better city than Detroit to study Sustainable Urbanism!


The Master of Urban Design [m.U.D.] in Sustainable Urbanism is a post-baccalaureate Urban Design degree program within the College of Architecture and Design (CoAd). The m.U.D is a 34 credit hour Master Degree which builds on existing courses, can be completed in three (3) semesters, welcomes students with diverse undergraduate degree and backgrounds, and features a pedagogical and research emphasis that builds upon the University's commitment to its urban, suburban and Great Lakes Basin content. The m.U.D is designed to develop a body of knowledge, skills, and experience in Urban Design with a focus on sustainable urbanism - a balanced and holistic systems approach to design and policy initiatives that addresses the complex environmental, economic, and social forces that effect global City + Regional form.
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