James C. StevensJames C. Stevens, AIA

Assistant Professor
Founder makeLab 


Educational background
Positions held in academic institutions
Courses taught in the past two years

Positions held in design practice
Significant publications, creative projects, and/or paper presentations
Awards, recognitions, grants, competitions
Professional licenses, memberships and service


Educational background

Master of Architecture (M. Arch), North Carolina State University
Bachelor of Fine Art, Historic Preservation, Savannah College of Art and Design
Associate of Applied Science, Architectural Technology, Coastal Carolina Community College

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Positions held in academic institutions

Teaching Assistant, North Carolina State University, 2005-2007
Full-Time Instructor, Coastal Carolina Community College, Department of Architecture, 1995-1999
International Faculty Member, POLIS University, Tirana, Albania, 2011-Present

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Courses taught in the past two years

ARC 5824: Advanced Design Studio 2 (graduate)

ARC 5814: Advanced Design Studio 1 (graduate)

ARC 4882-2011: Applied Digital Fabrication & Enterprise        

ARC 4882: Digital Fabrication (graduate)

ARC 4993: Digital Fabrication (undergraduate)

ARC 4264: Allied Studio, Paris

ARC 5584: Graduate Design Studio: Massive Change

ART 3323:  Professional Practice: Portfolio

ARC 2126: Integrated Design Studio Two

ARC 3117: Integrated Design Studio Three

ARC 6002: Special Topics, Adaptive Reuse (graduate)

ARC 5882: Architecture as Activism (graduate)

ARC 6103: Master Class (graduate)

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Positions held in design practice

Quinn Evans Architects, Associate, Ann Arbor, Michigan, Jan. 2008 – July 2008
Vernacular Studio, Associate, Raleigh, North Carolina, June 2007 – Dec. 2007
Principal, Peterson, Eure & Associates, 2001-2007
Founding Principal, Coastal Design Center, 1998-2001

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Significant publications, creative projects, and/or paper presentations

1.      1. makeLab, Founding Director, makeLab is the digital fabrication lab at Lawrence Technological University, College of Architecture and Design.  makeLab’s mission is to engage students and faculty at Lawrence Technological University into the process of design and making. This is accomplished by course offerings and funded research projects.  makeLab also engages independent clients by providing design and fabrication services.  makeLab has an active outreach program including international workshops and the blog: www.makelab.wordpress.com, 2010

2. Terrain Vague Chapter: The Interstitial Challenge: understanding manifestations of terrain vague through an inquiry into the social and environmental dilemmas of Detroit, USA and Clichy-sous-Bois, Paris, France, with Anirban Adhya, PhD, Publishing Contract with Rutledge, Edited by: Patrick Barron & Manuela Mariani, anticipated in Fall 2013

3. www.albania-NOW.org, Editor, Fall 2013 Exhibit

        4. Architectural Record, Moisture Management in Masonry Buildings, by Celeste Allen Novak, AIA, LEED AP, Southfield, Michigan, 2012

        5. Great Lakes Technology and Innovation Report, makeLab, CBS, Detroit, Michigan, 2012

        6. WWJR Radio: makeLab, Detroit, Michigan, 2012        

        7. ORA 7 Shatate’: makeLab lecture preview, Kosovo TV, Pristina, Kosovo

        8. Stevenmurphey.com: How Digital Fabrication Is Changing Architecture, Phoenix, Arizona, 2012

        9. Channel 15 News, Lawrence Tech Unveils makeLab, Southfield, Michigan, 2011

      10. Metromode.com: What is makeLab?, Detroit, Michigan, 2011

      11. The 3D Type Book: La Robia featured, Edited by: Tomi Vollauschek & Agathe Jacquillat 2011[LH2] 

      12.  Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education 2010 Conference, Bombing Detroit: Activist Architecture as a Pedagogical Model, 2010 

      13.  Radio France International, Interview: The Interstitial Challenge Exhibition, Paris, France, 2010

      14.  D3 Competition Presentation, Tsinghua University, School of Architecture, Beijing, China, 2010

      15. Digital Fabrication Lecture, North China University, School of Architecture, Beijing, China, 2010 

      16. D3 Competition Presentation,  Shanghai University of Engineering and Science, School of Design, Shanghai, China, 2010

      17. Digital Fabrication Lecture, SOS, ASHRE Student Conference, 2010

      18. Digital Fabrication Lecture, Quinn Evans Architects, 2010

      19. Rethinking Enclosure, Conference on Sustainability and the Built Environment King Saud University, Saudi Arabia, with Philip Plowright and Anirban Adhya, 2010

      20. The Symbolic City, Exhibition publication, La Robia, 2009.     

      21. Rethinking Models Of Architectural Research: We Don’t Do Objects, The Symbolic City: Forum and Proceedings, 2009

      22. Architecture Research Centers Consortium Journal, ARCC Journal Vol. 6, Issue 2, 2009, Rethinking Models of Architectural Research: We don’t do objects, 2009 

      23. Digital Fabrication, Workshop Parametric, Tsinghua, University, Beijing, China, 2009 

      24. Rethinking Enclosure, King Saud University, Conference on Technology & Sustainability in the Built Environment Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, with Philip Plowright and Anirban Adhya [synchRG], 2009 

      25. The [Sub]Urban Delima, ARCHIS,RSVP #13, After the Crisis, Warren, Michigan, with Anirban Adhya, 2009  

      26. Synchronized Research Group (synchRG), Founding Member, Academic research group consisting of Dr. Anirban Adhya, Prof. Phillip Plowright, Prof. Peter Beaugard and Prof. Jim Stevens. The members complement each other’s skills while focusing on     different scales and points of development within research projects.  Presently, the group is working on several different, but interrelated projects.  Part of the intention of the synchRG projects, besides testing the validity of the philosophical and design positions, is to begin to provide physical access to tools necessary to pursue applied research in architecture. This is part of a multi-headed strategy to bring physical applied research capacity to the College of Architecture and Design at Lawrence Technological University, 2008

      27. Rethinking Models Of Architectural Research: We Don’t Do Objects, Architectural Research Centers Consortium Conference, 2009, with Philip Plowright and Anirban Adhya [synchRG], 2008                                    

      28. Digital Fabrication, B.Arch to M.Arch Transition, Lawrence Technological University, 2008 

      29. Architecture As Graffiti, AIA Huron Valley, 20x20 Best Design, with Peter Beaugard and Ryan Molloy, 2008

      30. Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture News, Redo House Featured On Cover, February 2006           

      31. Hidden Gems, Great Designs in Our Own Backyard – Exhibition Catalogue, Fluid Classroom Ranger Station featured, October 2006

      32. The Magazine, Alumnus Home Design Based on Foundations, February 1999 

      33. Home Magazine, The Perfect Solution, Article on a residential design, October 1998

      34. Carteret News Times, National Magazine Article, November 1998

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Awards, recognitions, grants, competitions


1.      Incentive Grant: Digital Vernacular, Architecture Research Centers Consortium, February 2012

 2.     Teaching and Learning with Technology Award, Lawrence Technological University, April 2011

 3.     Fellowship Funding Continuation Award, Coleman Foundation Fellowship, August 2011

 4.     Quest Grant, Student Research Grant for Digital Fabrication, Faculty Advisor, September 2010 

 5.     Teaching and Research Grant for Digital Fabrication, Coleman Foundation Fellowship, August 2010

 6.     D3 Design Competition, 2010 Natural Systems, Special Mention, with Multinational Team, Shanghai, China, August 2010

 7.     Kern Grant, Student research grant for digital fabrication of wall panel systems, Faculty Adviser, May 2010 

 8.     University Research Seed Grant, Double Curve Fabrication, Lawrence Technological University, March 2009 

 9.     AIA Henry Adams Metal for Excellence in the Study of Architecture, North Carolina State University, 2008

 10.   Finalist, Kamphoefner Honor Fellowship, North Carolina State University, 2007

 11.    J.A. Jones Scholarship Recipient, North Carolina State University, 2006 - 2007

 12.   Academic Scholarship Recipient, Savannah College of Art and Design, 1994 

 13.   Graduated Magna Cume Laude, Savannah College of Art and Design, 1994

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Professional licenses, memberships and service

Licensed Architect- MIchigan Lic. # 59388
Professional Member, American Institute of Architects
Certified by National Council of Architecture Registration Boards (NCARB) 
Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture
United States Fab Lab Network           


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