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Seed IN / Seed OUT Awards

CoAD views the overlap of design, technology, and practice as fertile territory for the investigation of education and research. CoAD is working to support research within this overlap so as to better equip designers and design educators to adapt well to our quickly evolving design ecosystem. These targeted awards will fund projects that put forward a compelling vision as to how these issues might align through design in the form of creative teaching or creative practice / scholarship / research.

The CoAD Seed IN / Seed OUT Jury Process:

We ran the selection process with an external blind jury. Each jury member reviewed the proposals independently and ranked the proposals in the two categories (IN and OUT). The following thee people served as jury for the 2018/2019 cycle:

Michelle Addington

Laura Forlano

Jason Young

The funded CoAD Seed IN project:

Tectonic Pamphlets - Lilian Crum and Ralph Nelson

The proposal is to develop three Tectonic Pamphlets as an innovative and integrated mode of communication; a hybrid between traditional print pamphlets and contemporary new media in interactive digital form. The haptic world would meet the world of simulacra. Both the collaborative process and pamphlets themselves will function as teaching tools that would be used by all graphic design students in the New Media course taken in the junior semester of their degree program, as well as by all architecture students in the Integrated Design 3 (ID3) course taken in the junior semester of their degree program. Both New Media and ID3 are transforming in course content, and this project will help to inform this development.

The funded CoAD Seed OUT projects:

Web Model Dot Space - Aaron Jones with NOAR Technologies and the MacDowell Colony

Web Model Dot Space is a project which documents significant liturgical structures within Detroit, MI with LiDAR scanning technology and ultimately provides new engagement scenarios through prototypical media structures, point cloud visualization, and dymaxion-style mapping.

Precast Prototypes - Ralph Nelson with Kerkstra Precast Concrete

Precast Prototypes is a project to develop innovative commercial building prototypes that employ precast concrete elements as the primary construction system. A primary goal of the project is to develop prototypes that maximize evocative aesthetic qualities within strict economic and performance parameters. The work will be guided by the principle of maximum effect through minimum means.