College of Architecture + DesignPlaces: Affleck House


Early in 1940, Gregor S. Affleck retained Frank Lloyd Wright regarding the design of a new house. Mr. Affleck had grown up in Spring Green, Wisconsin. After graduating from the University of Wisconsin in 1919 with a degree in Chemical Engineering, Mr. Affleck invented a fast-drying paint that found use in the automotive industry. "Affleck paint" is still used to day and is highly regarded for its qualities of drying and durability.

Frank Lloyd Wright's Usonian design was his answer to the need for low-cost housing for the average American. Usonian houses were typically one story, to express the horizontal element of the American midwestern plains. Attics were eliminated as to avoid building unusable space and, thus, save money. Instead, Usonian homes had flat roofs. Wright introduced skylights as a way of providing additional light into the house. He believed his new ideas of the home should involve new materials and new technology.

Photo Credit: James Haefner 

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