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/Master of Architecture Thesis

2015: Shannon Iafrate


2018: Darpan Arora


2016: Ramya Swayamprakash

2016: Dustin Altschul


2015: Ashley Brenner


2014: Nigel Joseph

About the Thesis

THESIS (1+2) is a two-part academic course, part of the required Master of Architecture curriculum at the College of Architecture and Design, Lawrence Technological University. The Thesis is an equivalent but more demanding alternative to the graduate-level Advanced Design Studios and is intended as an opportunity for students who are capable of independent work, individual research, independent idea development, and the formulation of sharply focused, articulate conclusions. It is a self-initiated and self-directed work under the supervision of specific faculty.

THESIS coordinator is Anirban Adhya. For inquiries, contact email is

College of Architecture and Design (CoAD)
Lawrence Technological University
21000 West Ten Mile Road
Southfield, MI 48075-1058

2017-2018 / Darpan Arora,The Effect Of Spatial Design On Comfort And Engagement In The Workplace / Allaa Mokdad, Public Toilets: Implications In/For Architecture

2015-2016 / Dustin Altschul, Automated Parametric Design of Optimized Climate Responsive Facades Using Multi-Objective Logic  / Emily Matt, Dissemination of Baroque Architecture Within Brazil / Ramya Swayamprakash, Border as Infrastructure

2014-2015 / Ashley Brenner, Net Zero Energy Through Adaptive Reuse / Shannon Iafrate, Customization of Standardized Housing In High-Risk Areas

2013-2014 / Benje Feehan, Architecture & The Experiencing Human Body / Nigel Joseph, Smart City Sensor Technology: Bridging the Divide Between Real Time Data and Architects

2012-2013 / Mark Dreidger, Archelio: Developing the Next-Gen Passive Solar For Cold Climate / Zachary Funk, Cities Within Cities: Innovation Driven Infrastructure

2011-2012 / Lauren Yankovich, Monumental Intimacy

Schedule 2021-22

May 24 // Submission deadline for the Statement of Interest
June 7 // Notice of acceptance or denial of the request to do a thesis
July 5 // Submission deadline for the Thesis Proposal
July 26 // Acceptance or Denial of the Thesis Proposal
August 9 // Submission deadline for the revised Thesis Proposal if needed
August 16 // Final Acceptance or Denial of the revised Thesis Proposal if needed; thesis decisions final


2018: Allaa Mokdad

2013: Mark Dreidger


2012: Lauren Yankovich

2014: Benje Feehan


2016: Emily Matt

2013: Zachary Funk