Work/Study Scholarships

Tuition scholarship of $12,500 per student (for total of 36 credit hour graduate program) plus part-time employment with architecture firm. Students accepted by Graduate Program Administration and hired by firm. Must maintain 3.00 gpa, submit an application and portfolio for review.

***Scholarship and Work Study programs based on availability***



University Research Assistantships

Partial to full tuition support up to 20 hours per week – work with faculty in CoAD on research. Fill out application

University Graduate International Scholarships

Partial tuition based on merit and status as an international student.

College of Architecture Teaching/Advising Positions

Stipend or contact hour compensation


  • Teaching Assistantships
    Assisting a full-time professor or adjunct instructor with tutoring course
  • Adjunct Faculty Positions
    Requires prior teaching or significant professional experience. Compensation based on contact hours with students
  • Freshman Advising
    Requires participation in an advisor’s training program. Advise freshman in all CoAD undergraduate programs. Compensation based on number of student advisees


College of Architecture Administrative Support Positions

Stipend or hourly compensation

  • Dean’s Research Assistant
    Research and technical assistance to the Dean of the College of Architecture and Design. Special research projects, benchmarking other schools of architecture, etc.
  • University Architect’s Research Assistant
    Research and technical assistance to the University Architect
  • Administrative Support Positions
    Support positions in College Student Affairs, graduate programs, and student recruitment. Provide support and communication with current and prospective students.

*Anticipated scholarships