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Paula Shubatis
presented by I.M. Weiss Gallery



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Messier 33, 2021


Parent's Bedroom


Found fibers: cotton; wool; rag rug yarn from twill, silk; nylon cord


Traditional loom, hand felting


62 x 54 in




Schubatis creates hand woven functional objects through experimenting with the process of weaving on a traditional loom. She views the loom as an analog computer, generating output by executing functions from an organized set of commands: the actions of weaving. These actions manifest the patterns. And in her practice, Schubatis hacks these patterns by embracing chance in the process. She discovers a random threading, spontaneously changes the sequence of pressing down the treadles, and employs materials that enhance these disruptions in the process. From start to finish works such as Messier33 fluidly take form based on how she engages with the process of weaving and how open she is to chance shaping the outcome. Schubatis’ work often employs unconventional, overlooked and often wasted materials. “I have to give up some control and let the process inform itself, discovering intuitive patterns. In this way, I leave sets of small panels that I must then piece together to create the final form. As my experience with the loom shapes the weaving, my experience with objects and environments influences how I put the pieces together, how they feel complete.

Presented by I.M. Weiss Gallery