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Photo of Anirban Adhya

P: 248.204.2845
O: ARCH 113

Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Anirban Adhya

Associate Professor

Adhya teaches Integrated Design, Urban Theory, Research Methods and coordinates the Master of Architecture thesis program. In his studios and courses, he draws connections between the traditional and evolving notions of architecture and urban design through a creative series of lectures, readings, and seminars that highlight comparative principles and practices of urbanism, diverse perspectives of place and placemaking, and multiple dimensions of urbanism. Anirban holds degrees in architecture and urban design from the University at Buffalo and has completed his PhD in Architecture from the University of Michigan. He is a founding member of the synchRG think tank and an active proponent of the Detroit Studio outreach program.

His research focuses on sustainability as ecology with emphasis on well-being and social ethics in places; his scholarship integrates theories and practices of sustainable placemaking and everyday urbanism; his work illustrates interdisciplinary approaches to critical questions of the public realm. Anirban’s studio works and writing have been published in Architecture and Sustainability: Critical Perspectives (ACCO: 2015), Inhabiting Everyday Monuments (Lulu: 2014), Terrain Vague: Interstices at the Edge of the Pale (Routledge: 2013), Urban Design International (2013), The Urban Wisdom of Jane Jacobs (Routledge: 2012), and Volume Magazine (Archis: 2009). Adhya’s research has been funded by institutes like the Coleman Foundation (Coleman Fellows Program 2013- 2014), the American Institute of Architects (AIA Research Funding Program 2007) and the University of Michigan (Marans Fellowship 2005).