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Photo of Fernando Bales

O: A150

Fernando Bales

Adjunct Professor

Fernando Bales is an artist, designer and founder of FPB STUDIO. As an inter–disciplinary and collaborative endeavor his studio delves into the fields of industrial design, set design, architecture, construction, fabrication and landscape. A graduate of North Dakota State University (2010) and Cranbrook Academy of Art (2013), Bales received his Master of Architecture degree from both institutions.

As a designer Fernando pushes to draw parallels from different design disciples as a means to directly engage the perceptions of others through sometimes unforeseen routes. His architectural investigations, products, and follies are tactile and reactive, sometimes confusing yet revealing. Fernando’s interests are based on his fellowship to craft, both analog and digital. He constantly searches for new methods and techniques to test against his own knowledge in hopes of revealing, that which is latent. You generally can find him surfing YouTube for new techniques.

A sincere empathy for space and the ever-evolving elements that form it are integral to his thought process and output. As an educator Bales encourages his students to demonstrate their own empathy through digital and analogous means to further explore their own ideas.

 Fernando’s work has been exhibited nationally and has worked for multidisciplinary firms in Seattle, WA and Detroit MI.

 He currently is a Lecturer 1 at University of Michigan Stamps School of art and Design and Professor of Practice at Lawrence Technological University. His practice currently resides in Pontaic, MI.