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Katherine Tucker

Adjunct Faculty
College of Architecture and Design

Katie Tucker is a Design and Innovation Professional co-rooted in industry and academia. Katie is a classically trained Designer, by way of Architecture, with a focused lens on business and entrepreneurship.

Katie is the founder of WERK_, an innovation consulting firm, specializing in early concept development in moments of critical transformation; particularly helping clients keep a human-centered focus to their new technology adoption strategies. WERK_ makes strong connections between clients’ vision, goals, and strategies to ensure each step in innovation supports the long-game.

In addition to teaching Human Factors and Ergonomics at Lawrence Tech, Katie is also an adjunct professor of Design Thinking, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship at Portland State University and Managing the Innovation Process HfWU Nuertingen-Geislingen University.

Through everything, Katie is foremost a community builder, an artist, a divergent thinker, and a heck-of-a wheelman.

Katie Tucker 2020 CV