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February 8, 2023 @ 6:00 PM  /  

Distinguished Architecture Alumni Award 2022

Event Location:
Lawrence Tech
Lawrence Tech

Shane Weishuhn

Laura Long

A Path Toward Sustainability

In its 25th year, the Distinguished Alumni Architecture Board is thrilled to present this year's award to Laura Long, Studio Manager, Senior Associate at NORR.

Sustainability plays an important role in the design of buildings. The built environment generates almost 50% of annual global carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, and architects and engineers must act quickly to transform the way we design and address our built environment. We need to strive toward the goal of zero carbon emissions while working to improve the energy efficiency of our new and existing buildings. According to Architecture 2030, “In 2040, approximately two-thirds of the global building stock will be buildings that exist today. Without widespread existing building decarbonization across the globe, these buildings will still be emitting CO2 emissions in 2040, and we will not achieve the Paris Agreement’s 1.5°C target.” So, what can we do as architects? How can we integrate these sustainable practices into the goals of our clients, our firms and even into our culture? This lecture will share actual project experiences, both good and bad, about how making choices early in the design process can seal the fate of a building’s sustainability outcomes. By reviewing sustainability projects across multiple project types, we can explore how projects, clients and even firms, can create the necessary change required to meet the goal of achieving carbon neutrality in the built environment.

This lecture will help participants understand the role of sustainability in the integrative design process and will include examples of actual project success stories. This will allow participants to improve their design process by viewing it through a sustainability lens. In addition, this lecture will also discuss how relationship building and mentorship can help engage clients and staff in their own commitments working toward a zero-carbon future.

This public Lecture and Award Presentation Reception / Exhibit in the UTLC will be held at Lawrence Technological University's College of Architecture and Design Campus. Laura's lecture will begin at 6pm ET. Afterwards, join the rest of our guests for the DAAA reception and exhibit.

The DAA Award is given annually in recognition of the recipient’s professional, academic, and personal achievements including:

  • Local, National, and International Professional Accomplishments

  • Support of the College of Architecture and Design

  • Charitable, Volunteer, and Community Service

About Laura

Ever since receiving a fellowship in sustainability during her graduate studies, Laura has been passionate about reducing embodied carbon in buildings and asking everyone to do their own carbon footprint to get a better understanding of their own environmental impact on the world. As part of her fellowship at Lawrence Technological University, Laura created the first-ever sustainability action plan for the university and completed its first carbon footprint analysis, enlisting the assistance of every department on campus. Laura is committed to seeing us all design buildings that give energy back to the grid and provide healthy, safe places for people to work, play and live. Laura’s participation is integral to the sustainable design for multiple NORR community projects in the U.S. and Canada. During her tenure at NORR, Laura has moved from Project Manager to Studio Manager and Senior Associate, managing a team of 18 amazing individuals.

She represents the U.S. on the firm’s Global Sustainability Committee and has helped to create a blog series on carbon neutrality, has co-written the AIA 2030 Sustainability Action Plan for NORR, and is actively working toward developing a plan to help educate and inform NORR’s clients and staff on the importance of pursuing Zero Carbon, Zero Water and Zero Waste in the buildings it designs. Laura has been actively involved with the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) in Detroit and the USGBC East North Central Region for over 10 years. She is past Chair of the USGBC Detroit Region’s Market Leadership Advisory Board and serves as a member of its Executive Committee. She is also Chair of the USGBC Detroit Student Design Competition, now in its fourth year. She has been part of the Planning and Logistics committees for the Sustainable Detroit Forum and has been involved with the Women in Green Committee, LEED Advancement Committee, Commercial Real Estate Committee, and the Career Development and Green Building Resources Working Groups. In addition to USGBC, Laura is Past Chair of the Urban Land Institute’s Michigan Public Private Partnership Forum (2011 and 2013), member of the ULI Programs Committee for Mid/West Michigan and Detroit (2015-2016), a member of AIA for 14 years, and has recently joined the National Organization of Minority Architects. She has participated in numerous speaking engagements and presentations and received the 2017 USGBC Detroit & Detroit 2030 District Outstanding Leadership in Sustainability Award and the 2021 USGBC Detroit Volunteer of the Year Award. She has taught at both Lawrence Technological University and Eastern Michigan University.





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