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The Detroit Studio is a design-and- community-based outreach program that advances socially responsive practices in partnerships with municipalities, design professionals, professional organizations, and local schools and universities. The Detroit Studio often works with grassroots organizations and “small heroes,” who had worked under challenging situations in disadvantaged communities and has collaborated with nearly 1,900 participants and 120 organizations in 40 communities through more than 50 studio projects.



Infinite Machine is a game development group started by students at Lawrence Technological University in Southfield, Michigan. It combines the Game Art, Game Software, and Graphic Arts departments in a collaborative effort to submit ground-breaking games to competitions across the country.




International Design Clinic is an independent, not-for-profit organization dedicated to realizing much-needed creative work with communities in need around the world. The IDC has completed over a dozen projects on four continents, including an urban tent for the homeless made of reclaimed water bottles and plastic bags; a communal play space for Romanian orphans constructed of construction debris; and a $2 water filter.



Larry & Friends is a creative firm at Lawrence Tech that combines artists, designers, architects, and creative thinkers ranging from high school students, college students (many from LTU), recent alumni, professionals and educators. Larry & Friends’ mission is to nourish Detroit’s creative potential and serve a wide variety of communities based upon assessed needs. Larry & Friends partners with many organizations, local businesses, foundations, and Universities.



The mission of makeLab is to use digital fabrication as an entrepreneurial opportunity and to demonstrate the theory and practice of design through technological and manual competences.



studio[Ci] is a transdisciplinary design collaborative founded in 2008. It creates sustainable communities through architectural and urban design interventions incorporating net zero energy, generative uses for vacancy, and hybridized infrastructure networks. studio[Ci] invented a unique digital interface, utilizing a variety of digital technologies, for data mapping, analysis, and opportunities generation.