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Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interaction Design

The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interaction Design explores the impact of interactive products and systems on everyday life. This emerging and in-demand discipline emphasizes both user research and design methods and practices, evaluating the relationship between design, technology, and society.

Students in the Interaction Design Program learn methods and principles such as user experience design, prototyping, iterative design, user studies and conceptual models. Students also study information visualization concepts and principles for interactive information systems, interactive instructions, and animated information graphics. Core and elective courses cover history, theory, entrepreneurship, literature, science, philosophy and math, all contribute to the vision of the design professional.

The program culminates with a thesis project and public exhibition, where students develop an investigative body of work that focuses on individual interests within the discipline. Graduates of the program pursue fields in web design, mobile application design, animation, game development, and human interface design.

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Admissions Information + Curriculum

Admission into the Interaction Design program follows the University’s admission criteria. Portfolios are not required for admission.

For specific Interaction Design program questions, contact the Chair of Art and Design, Steve Rost, at, or Interaction Design Director, Lilian Crum, at

For general questions about admissions, our programs or the college, please contact Alice McHard at, 248-204-2834 or click on the links below.

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