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Bachelor of Fine Arts in Game Design

The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Game Design program is a project-focused, multi-disciplinary degree program, with a focus on game system design, level design, and game assembly. The Game Design program curriculum employs an industry-applicable approach that includes art asset creation and integration, defining narrative, storytelling, and collaborative development practices between artists and programmers. During their time at LTU, game art students take several Integrated Game Studios, which act as a platform for professional practice, bringing together the University's disciplines in order to produce and release games within the curriculum itself. Throughout the program, students are challenged to develop critical thinking skills as they visually communicate concepts, analyze industry trends, and apply design principles and patterns to their work that is encouraged to be focused on their individual talents and interests in the multi-faceted field.

Careers in Game Design

Our program prepares students to work in a range of areas, including game design, project management, storyboarding, 3D modeling, concept art, illustration, animation, motion graphics, game development, app development, art direction, game writing, user experience/user interface design (UX/UI) and more.

Current students and graduates work for local and national companies, including Ford, Jackbox Games, Chimera Labs, Dead Art Games, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Mackevision, Seventy 7Flyover Games, Quicken Loans, Pluto, FanLabel, Pixo, 3DExcite, and Dreaming Door Studios.

Featured Alumni

Maggie Hartman Character Art