Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design

Designing for the Future Competition

Rob Lee, creative director U.S., adidas“At Adidas Design, we feel there is great value in students getting real-world experience with hands-on projects. We created a brief around an idea that we were interested in exploring, and the Lawrence Tech students provided great ideas and solutions.” Rob Lee, creative director U.S., adidas

Industrial design is the profession of visionary designers and artists creating exciting aesthetics and functional products.





This dynamic field provides the opportunity for you to design a product or develop something revolutionary. Companies rely on their innovative designers to “leap frog” their competition.

Program Overview

Lawrence Technological University’s Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design has a central theme of design integration that weaves together creative art, engineering, leadership, entrepreneurship, and sustainability to produce a cohesive product. The structure of this program is unique, as it is designed to collaborate with industry professionals on the design and development of product concepts during all four years of the core curriculum.



Why Industrial Design at at Lawrence Tech?

  • bs-industrial-design-2.jpgInterdisciplinary opportunities within the Colleges of Architecture and Design, Engineering, and Management
  • You’ll employ your problem solving and design skills in company-sponsored projects in all four years.
  • The program offers a strong balance of theory and practice, providing you with a better understanding of how products are creatively designed to solve issues of usability and ergonomics.
  • In addition to exceptional exposure in studios, seminars, and lecture classes, you’ll benefit from dedicated studio space and access to digital, wood, and metal fabrication labs

Career Options

  • Product designbs-industrial-design.jpg
  • Fashion design
  • Jewelry design
  • Entertainment art
  • Storyboarding
  • Graphic design
  • 3D modeling
  • Automotive/interior design
  • Exhibition design
  • Furniture design



Your 128-credit-hour program consists of:

Industrial design core

(with emphasis on leadership
Math and science 16
Electives 6
Total 128

Get Started

For more information, email design@ltu. edu, or contact Lawrence Tech’s Office of Admissions at 800.225.5588 or


Application Process

All items should be sent to the Office of Admissions except Portfolio and Program Questionnaire.

application process 1 Undergraduate Online Application (preferred method), Undergraduate Paper Application. Send to Office of Admissions.
 application process 2 Signature Page Application. Send to Office of Admissions.
 application process 3 Request previous school transcript to be sent to Lawrence Tech. 
Send to: Office of Admissions 
               21000 West Ten Mile Road
               Southfield, MI 48075
 application process 4 Send ACT/SAT to Admissions Office.
 application process 5 Design Portfolio Design portfolio should include a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 25 pieces. An acceptable portfolio is one that exhibits proficient drawing and conceptual skills. It can include a variety of art media and/or design projects that demonstrate observational sketching/drawing capabilities that convey artistic development proficiency. Some pieces should be complete compositions of various themes and include still life, figurative drawing, perspective, and feature objects found in everyday life – while other illustrations can be simple sketch studies. The resolution of included images should be low resolution, such as VGA setting on digital camera. Please send portfolio or any questions regarding the program or portfolio to and follow-up with a separate email to confirm receipt of the previous email with attachments.  

The format for the portfolio submission is to be:
a.)    Low resolution (VGA setting on digital camera)
b.)    Images should be compiled into one file (for example, place one image per slide in a Powerpoint file)
c.)    Save the filename with the student’s named.
d.)    Send portfolio electronically to

View a Portfolio Example
Portfolio Sample pdf_icon
International Students Only

 application process 6 WES. Send to Office of Admissions.
application process 7 TOFEL. Send to Office of Admissions.

 application process 8 Obtaining your I-20.


For specific Industrial Design Program questions, contact or Keith Nagara at 248.204.2836.
For general University questions contact Admissions at or 248.204.3160.

2014 "Designing for the Future" Scholarship Competition


Student Portfolios 

2014 3rd Year Students: Seeking Internships  


Inquiries regarding any students, contact Keith Nagara at 248.204.2836 or



Summer Camps

Lawrence Technological University is excited to be providing a scholarship to their Transportation (Automotive) Design Camp and Industrial (Product) Design Camp.  Students interested interested in the camp can submit their artwork and/or portfolio to qualify.  Travel expenses is not part of the summer camp scholarship.

Industrial Design, Week 1 (July 18-22)  
9 a.m.–5 p.m.  
Industrial designers create the manufactured products we use every day: furniture, appliances, bikes, cars, tools, farm equipment, medical instruments, electronics, and much more. In this camp, you’ll learn how they develop these products. You’ll create a problem statement, research customer information, benchmark, and sketch ideas. You’ll be introduced to the computer-aided design (CAD) program CATIA to further explore your design and have the opportunity to apply technology to create of a novel product design. Attendance of this camp is required in order to participate in Industrial Design Camp.  cuadro3.PNG 
Industrial Design, Week 2 (July 25-29)
9 a.m.–5 p.m.  
In the second week of the Industrial Design Camp, you’ll refine the design you created in your first week into a 3D CAD model, which, if ready, can be printed on a 3D printer. You’ll also develop an illustration board or slides for your final presentation, just like the professionals in the field do. Participation in Industrial Design Camp, Week 1, is required to attend this camp.  cuadro1.PNG
Transportation Design, Week 1 (July 18-22)  
9 a.m.–5 p.m. ($650 day camp/$800 residential)
Do you have a talent for drawing and a passion for styling cars? In this camp, you’ll learn about the design and development of concept cars, create ideation sketches, experiment with scale modeling, and get exposure to digital formats. You’ll also see professional demonstrations and receive individual evaluations of your work. Homework assignments will be given each afternoon and reviewed the following morning. It is highly recommended that you attend this camp before participating in Transportation Design Camp, Week 2.  cuadro3.PNG
Transportation Design, Week 2 (July 25-29)  
9 a.m.–5 p.m.  
In the second week of the Transportation Design Camp, you’ll work with clay to create a physical model of the vehicle you designed in the first week of camp. During the process, you’ll become familiar with the tools and techniques used by professional designers. You’ll also be exposed to digital media. Participation in the Transportation Design Camp, Week 1, is not required to attend this camp, but it is highly recommended.  cuadro4.PNG

Register by Sunday, June 5, 2016

Winners to be announced at a later date.