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Thomas Nashlen


Thomas Nashlen, B.S., R.A.

Associate Professor


Educational background
Positions held in academic institutions
Courses taught in the past two years
Positions held in design practice
Significant publications, creative projects, and/or paper presentations
Awards, recognitions, grants, competitions
Professional licenses, memberships and service
Professional Development


Educational background

B.S. Architecture, Lawrence Technological University, 1968

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Positions held in academic institutions

Assistant Professor, Lawrence Technological University, 1975-present
Department of Architecture Chair, Lawrence Technological University, 1995-1998

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Courses taught in the past two years

ARC4114 Architectural Design Studio 5
ARC1133 Basic Design 2

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Positions held in design practice

Computer Graphic Consultant to Sanbreen Associates, Architects and Developers, Birmingham, MI, 2005-present
Computer Graphic Consultant to KDV Architectural Studio, Troy, MI, 2004-present
Consultant on The Nomination of Highland Cemetery of Ypsilanti to the National Register of Historic Places, 2004-present
Consultant to AIA Huron Valley Architrave Publication, 2005-present
Research Grant, Amber Brothers Development Inc., Tramway Feasibility Study, 1994
Design Consultant - Senior Adjunctner/Vice President, Architects Plus, Inc., 1978-present
Senior Adjunct/Designer, Tkacz & Nashlen Associates, Inc., 1974-1976
Project Architect, Urban Planers, Inc., 1972-1974
Project Co-ordinator, KMM Associates, Inc., 1969-1972
Designer/Job Captain, DCS Architect, 1966-1969

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Significant publications, creative projects, and/or paper presentations

Named and quoted in the following Publications:
1.    Sanilac County News, "Port Sanilac downtown gets a little help", 2006
2.    Times Herald, Port Huron, "Lawrence Tech students take on Port Sanilac site", 2006

Quoted in the following publications:
1.    CSK Publishing, Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords
2.    Peterson Publishing, 5.0L, Mustang & Ford
3.    Dobbs Publishing, Mustang Monthly, Super Ford
4.    McMullen/Argus Publishing, Mustang Illustrated, Ford High Performance
5.    In association with Mustang Museum Project sponsored by Ford Motor Co. and John Coletti,
       Director Special Vehicle Development at Ford Motor Co., 1998
       - Quoted, Observer and Eccentric Newspaper.  "Riverfront Housing Tackled by Students", 1993
       - Author, A Manual For Comprehensive Design, Lawrence Technological University, 1987
       - Author, A Manual For Understanding Color, Lawrence Technological University, 1984

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Awards, recognitions, grants, competitions

1.    Resolution Plaque of Appreciation from the City of Port Sanilac for leading LTU students in redesign of downtown project,
       Port Sanilac, 2006
2.    Letter of Appreciation, Eastern Michigan University Interior Design Department in appreciation for a presentation on
       computer imaging, 2006
3.    Letter of Appreciation, Wayne State University for leading LTU students in exploring designs for a New Performing Arts Center
       for WSU, 2005
4.    Letter of Appreciation, City of Hamtramck, MI for leading LTU students in exploring designs for a New Jail and
       Courthouse Complex, 2000
5.    Letter of Appreciation, Ford Motor Co., in leading LTU students in the design of the Mustang Museum, 1997
6.    Design Competition Winner, Freshman Year, Lawrence Technological University
7.    Design Competition Winner, Sophomore Year, Lawrence Technological University

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Professional licenses, memberships and service

1.    Registered Architect- Michigan Registration #1301019889
2.    Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture
3.    President's Club, Lawrence Technological University
4.    Neighborhood Improvement Association, Livonia, MI
5.    Friends of the Wilson Farm Historic Society, Livonia, MI

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Professional Development (meetings/conferences attended, continuing education courses, etc., in the last five years)

1.    Computer Presentation for Eastern Michigan University, Interior Department, 2006
2.    Computer Building and Investigation:  Exploration and research into state of the art, dual core CPUs in concert with optimal
       motherboards and low latency memory, high capacity SATA hard drives linked in RAID 0 configuration to maximize performance.
       Exploration of SLI  (Scalable Link Interface) using two graphics cards linked together., 2001 to present
3.    Computer Program Investigation:  SketchUp, Maxwell Render, Vue, 3D Studio Max, Rhino3D, ArchiCAD, AutoCAD, Microstation,
       Piranesi, Artlantis R, Artlantis Studio, Revit, Accurender, Adobe Photoshop CS3, Adobe Illustrator CS3, Corel Graphics Suite 12,
       Bryce 5, Poser 5, Form Z,  Maya, Quark Xpress, Adobe In-Design CS3, etc., 2001 to present
4.    Development and computer graphic imaging of a Ukrainian Holocaust Memorial.  The Memorial was developed in association with
       Prof. Tom Regenbogen and has been erected in a public park in Windsor Ontario, 2004
5.    ACSA Conference Paper Presentation: Design Development As Part Of An Integrated Studio, 2000
       Research Grant, Amber Brothers Development Inc., Tramway Feasibility Study to link Detroit and Windsor, Ontario. $10,000, 1995

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