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Paul Wang

Paul Wang, M.Arch.

College Professor

Educational background

Master of Architecture, University of Washington-Seattle, 1993
Master of Engineering (In Architecture), Tsinghua University, 1989
Bachelor of Architecture, Tsinghua University, 1986


Positions held in academic institutions

College Professor,  Lawrence Technological University, 2001-2007
Adjunct Professor,  Lawrence Technological University, 1998-2001
Adjunct Lecturer, University of Washington, 1996
Assistant Professor, Beijing Institute of Architecture and Engineering, 1989-1991


Courses taught in the past two years

ARC 2117 Integ Des Studio 1
ARC 2126 Integrated Design Studio 2
ARC 3117 Integrated Design Studio 3
ARC 3127 Integ Des Studio 4 - 2381
ARI 5223 Architectural Graphics
ART 2623 Imaging Studio I (I.S. 1)
ART 3623 Imaging Studio 3 (I.S. 3)
ART 3323 Portfolio for Professional Practice Prof Pract/Portfolio
ARC 1012 Art/Arch Awareness