The Detroit Studio

Detroit Center for Design and Technology
4219 Woodward Ave
Detroit MI 48201

Background and Goals

The Detroit Studio is an off-campus studio facility founded in 1999 by the college of Architecture & Design at Lawrence Technological University and housed at the Detroit Center for Design and Technology in midtown Detroit. Its location in central Detroit creates a unique educational setting for students, and its long-term commitment to working with Detroit neighborhoods distinguishes it from the program of other local universities. The Detroit Studio is committed to serving communities in Detroit, Wayne County and Southeastern Michigan as part of the mission of a local university through Service Learning projects that utilize interdisciplinary collaboration and teamwork to address real needs, problems and potentials.

The Detroit Studio was founded to fill an important niche in architectural education at the College of Architecture and Design. There is a long tradition of community-based projects at the College of Architecture and Design and a recognition that students that participate in Service Learning projects often subsequently bring a valuable perspective to the program as a whole. Projects conducted at The Detroit Studio area often shared with the entire student body through exhibitions, lectures, field trips and publications. Additionally, the educational programs at the student provide a significant bridge to the profession in a way that is complimentary, not competitive.


Community Brainstorming


Civic Engagement


Community Exhibit


Community Interaction

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