College of Architecture + Design Administration + Staff

Dean, College of Architecture and Design
Executive Director, Detroit Center for Design and Technology
Phone:  248-204-2805

Scott Shall, AIA
Associate Dean,
College of Architecture and Design
Phone: 248-204-2860

Steven Rost
Chair, Department of Art and Design
James Stevens, AIA
Chair, Department of Architecture

Martin Schwartz, AIA
Associate Chair, Department of Architecture
Phone: 248-204-2834
Office: A115


Kathryn Roy
Assistant to the Dean and Associate Dean, Office Manager
Phone: 248-204-2805
Office: A129B

Kate Roy provides support for the Dean and manages the staff.

Jane McBride
Administrator of Student Services
Phone: 248-204-2822
Office: A116

Jane McBride provides support for all undergraduate students in the College of Architecture and Design.  She acts as the liaison between the CoAD and the Registrar's Office.

Mary Johnson
Administrative Assistant - Finance
Office: A129E

Mary Johnson provides support for the Chairs of the Department.  She facilitates the budget for the College of Architecture and Design.

Alice McHard
Coordinator of Student Services
Phone: 248-204-2834
Office: A117

Alice McHard provides support for all graduates students in the College of Architecture and Design.  She also provides the staff support for the Paris Study Abroad Program.  Alice processes all graduate applications for the College.

Eric Ward
NCARB Integrated Path to Licensure Coordinator
Phone: 248-204-2813
Office: A150


Adrienne Aluzzo
Manager, Architecture Resource Center (ARC)
Phone: 248-204-2821

Adrienne manages the Architecture Resource Center (ARC). She facilitates the digital repository for the College, as well as technology for class (projectors, cameras, etc.)

George Charbeneau
Manager, Shop and Fabrication Laboratory

George Charbeneau manages the CoAD's wood shop and fabrication laboratory.  He provides services and classes to other college on campus as well.

Sherry Tuffin
Support Staff, Architecture Resource Center (ARC)
Phone: 248-204-2820

Sherry Tuffin provides part-time support for the Architecture Resource Center (ARC).


Christopher Stefani
DCDT Assistant Director

Christopher Stefani manages staff, resources, and administrative processes to ensure that the goals and objectives of the DCDT mission are accomplished, under the supervision of the Executive Director and the Dean of the College of Architecture and Design.


Brian Raymond
CoAD Facilities Director
Phone: 248-204-2858
Office: A105

Brian Raymond manages all CoAD facilities, including the Detroit Center for Design and Technology [DCDT] and Affleck House.

Gayle Schaeff
Faculty Secretary
Phone: 248-204-2840
Office: A111

Gayle Schaeff supports all full-time and adjunct faculty for the College of Architecture and Design.