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Bachelor of Science in Product Design - Mobility

The union of  design & technology  gives our graduates an edge and prepares them for the real world.

Move into the Future with Intelligent Design

LTU offers an in-depth university experience which enables exposure to technological advances as sources of inspiration, leading to more creative and provocative design solutions. The fusion of design and technology offers you the kind of experience that automotive graduates from other programs can take years to acquire on the job. 

Read More You will learn to use the latest in multimodal prototyping, digital surface tools, visualization tools, and fabrication technologies. This will give you an edge in competing for top-level design positions.

Real World Experience & Interaction with Industry

LTU is in the heart of the mobility industry with close proximity to a traditional center of automotive design studios (OEMs) but also with connections to a new generation of designers addressing what the future of movement might look like. Built around the University’s signature ‘theory and practice’ approach to learning, the Bachelor of Science in Product Design - Mobility combines in-depth conceptual investigation with exposure to industry professionals through real-world sponsored projects and visiting professionals. Our teaching staff is made of thought leaders and successful design professionals with a blend between critical examination of emerging treads and real world, practical industry experience to energize the classroom and studio. Read Less

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Careers in Mobility Design

Our program prepares students to work in a range of areas, including Aviation Design, Automotive Design, Automotive Specialty Equipment Design, Bike Design, Yacht & Boat Design, Motorcycle Design, Mass Transit Design, Mobility Design.
Careers include Creative Designer, Brand Designer, Digital Sculptor, UX/UI Designer, Color-Materials-Finishes Designer, Automotive Badging Designer.

Mars ATV
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For general questions about admissions, our programs or the college, please contact Associate Dean and Graphic Design Director, Lilian Crum, at  lcrum@ltu.edu  or click on the links below.

Total Semester Credit Hours: 121

Advisory Board

Carly Edgemon

Carly Edgemon
Student Relations Coordinator

Mark Trostle

Mark Trostle
Head of Ram Truck and
Mopar Design Stellantis

Michael Smith

Joel Piaskowski
Global Design Director
Ford Design

Helen Emsley

Crystal Windham
Executive Director, Global Industrial Design, General Motors Design

Larry Erickson

Larry Erickson
Global Director of
Industrial Design, Exteriors
Magna Corporation

Jeff Hammoud

Jeff Hammoud
Head of Design
Rivian Automotive 

Jeff Hammoud

Greg Brew
Vice President of Industrial Design
Polaris Inc.