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Bachelor of Science in Product Design

The Bachelor of Science in Product Design program at LTU is a NASAD-accredited, professional baccalaureate degree. The project-centered curriculum at its core focuses on sustainability, ergonomy, user experience, product psychology, business case assessment, entrepreneurship, leadership, packaging, and cultural geography. Structurally, the product design program is designed to facilitate cross-disciplinary projects and create opportunities to collaborate with industry professionals on the design and development of product concepts during all four years of the core curriculum. Our facilities, which include dedicated studio space and cutting-edge printing and fabrication labs, support our students’ pursuit of these initiatives.

Read More So conceived, LTU’s Product Design program offers many unique opportunities in and out of the classroom, including interdisciplinary opportunities within the Colleges of Architecture and Design, Engineering, and Management and the chance to participate in company-sponsored projects throughout your academic career. In all aspects, the program is designed to uphold LTU’s long-standing commitment to theory and practice, providing you with a better understanding of how products are creatively designed to solve the most critical issues facing our society today. Read Less

Moka Coffee Pots


Jenna Moss Packaging Design

Product Rendering

Tall Sculpture

Careers in Product Design

Our program prepares students to work in a range of areas, including furniture design, mobility design, user experience/user interface design (UX/UI), display design, design curation, sanitaryware, home accessories, healthcare, mobility, marine, sports tools, soft goods, appliances and display design.

Featured Alumni

Sarah Adnam Helmet Design

Wood furniture

Admissions + Curriculum 

Admission into the Product Design program follows the University’s admission criteria. Portfolios are not required for admission.

For specific Product Design program questions, contact the Chair of Design, Philip Plowright, at pplowrigh@ltu.edu or the Product Design Director, Bilge Nur Saltik, at bsaltik@ltu.edu.

For general questions about admissions, our programs or the college, please contact Associate Dean, Lilian Crum, at lcrum@ltu.edu or click the links below. 

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