Anna Ellis Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design
/Department of Design

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design

The accredited Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design program at LTU provides students with a comprehensive experience in the dynamic field of graphic design, ranging from print media to the latest innovations in interactive and time-based media.

The curriculum is designed to make our students professionally nimble, and emphasis is placed on helping students develop a distinctive point of view for their creative activities. The program culminates with a thesis project and public exhibition, where students develop an investigative body of work that focuses on their individual interests within the field. Internship opportunities further prepare students with the knowledge, skill set and experiences for professional practice.

The range of coursework encourages students to explore the connection between intellectual inquiry, creativity and hands-on making. Studies in literature, the sciences, philosophy, history and math build a cultural awareness that informs design decisions and creative expression.

Careers in Graphic Design

Our program prepares students to work in a range of areas, including art direction, mobile media development, design strategy, user experience/user interface design (UX/UI), interaction design, brand design, advertising, publishing, marketing, web design, animation and motion graphics .

1. E. Herrmann, Shower Vibes App Design //  2. Unknown  // 3. N. Hills, Power Bite // 4. G. Gocheva, True Teas Packaging Design // 5. D. Bezeau, Comm-Unity // 6. M. Young, L. DiGiovanni, Everybody // 7. Z. Fardin, Glaze It // 8. D. Bezeau, Comm-Unity // 9. Mother's Pantry // 10. K. Dawkins, A. Bucciero, Freakshow // 11. A. Tillman, Know Your Privacy // 12. K. Dawkins, D. Bezeau, J. Cuschieri, Growing Pontiac // 13. N. Barrett, Madison Swarm

Admissions + Curriculum

Admission into the Graphic Design program follows the University’s admission criteria. Portfolios are not required for admission.

For specific Graphic Design program questions, contact the Chair of Design, Philip Plowright, at pplowrigh@ltu.edu, or Associate Dean and Graphic Design Director, Lilian Crum, at lcrum@ltu.edu.

For general questions about admissions, our programs or the college, please contact Associate Dean and Graphic Design Director, Lilian Crum, at lcrum@ltu.edu or click on the links below.

Total Semester Credit Hours: 120



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