Bittertang is a small design farm run by Antonio Torres and Michael Loverich who strive to bring happiness and pleasure into the built world by referencing that pleasurable world which surrounds us. Their work explores multiple themes including pleasure, frothiness, biological matter, animal posturing, babies, sculpture and coloration, all unified through bel composto. Their explorations are based in digital and visceral matter with output transitioning between scales and localities leaving traces of frothy matter in various disciplines. Although trained as architects, their prolific interests and methodology associates them closely to the organization of a farm. Bittertang material is bred, coaxed and grown to yield tasty morsels, beautiful new exotic beasts and fertilizer for future growth. Digging deep into the fertile detritus left by thousands of years of human history and artifacts their goal is to add thick rich fodder to contemporary material culture. Welcome to the farm, explore at your own risk and please, pet the animals.

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Creating Frothy Worlds

The space surrounding the event is a physical, tactile, nutrient rich experience created by an inflatable ecosystem. The pinatas have created microcosms based on interactions between inert and living matter and social relationships. The ecosystem might be a series of aggregated parts or a series of nested and interlocking volumes and cavities Focusing on liquids and membranes as the primary materials, new forms are produced that bulges, contracts, throbs, gushes, sprays and ranges in attitude from hyper to content that might create crystallization and other provocative atmospheres.


Pop-up gallery opening on Saturday, July 16th, 2016 from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.

An exploration of large scale sensual atmospheres and environments where bodies, spaces,

furniture and plants all contribute to new primal worlds. The work explores the body as it relates to its environment as one of the most ostracized interactions within contemporary architectural work when directly addressing human pleasure. The explorations capitalize on the various ways in which the body engages with its surroundings and pushes to the extreme of how it fits into the world, forcing the bodily and the constructed world to interact in much more dirty, messy and sensual ways. The projects work through inflatables and engages with oversized turgid and bodily forms. Eight teams have been asked to be simultaneously technical and sensual to create engineering marvels and fantasy experiences.

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Critical Practitioner: Bittertang


Philip Plowright
Scott Shall
Joel Gerber
Neda Mostafavi
Mark Dineen
Michael Neville
Aaron Blendowski
Benje Feehan
David Corns
Carrie Smith
Hannah Dewhirst


Rawah Fahad Alkanaani
Darpan Arora
Anna Asiala
Dareen Badri
Nathaniel Bellinger
Joshua Bremer
Judson Brood
Ying Cai
Jonathan Dado
Jon DePew
Daniel DeWater
Foti Diamon
Mateo Diaz
Mark Drotar
Teah Fink
Adam Franzel
Brianna Fuller
Anthony Garbarino
Leah Goodman
Evan Hansel

Nathan Hebekeuser
Marc Hopkins
Amar Hoxha
Kenneth Humberstone
Wei Jiang
Vincent Kachorek
Izabela Karski
Danielle Kelly
Erik Knauss
Neeraj Kumar
Nathaniel Logan
Samantha Mabbitt
Bethanie Martin
Azher Matty
Timothy Miller
Drew Mittig
Aaron Mortier
Razan Yousef Morya
Kyle Mouw
Corbin Patten

Brandi Patterson
Brandon Paulus
Travis Pennock
Adam Pohl
Matthew Polhemus
Jack Potterack
Xulian Pu
Maha Rajeh
Mariah Roth
Zachary Runge
Samantha Smigelski
Alyssa Stacherski
Joshua Strautz
Kody Tolliver
Yichao Wang
Jagoda Wojtowicz
Liuyang Yang
Manzi Yang
Jeremy Zaluski
Jiaqi Zhang

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