The anticipation of a future species, part plant and creature, complete with a unique life-cycle, habits, needs, and social patterns, and the design of a life cycle. These were the driving ideas for the speculative design of an Ecotarium that would make a true  spectacle ecology. Students were asked to  cultivate investigations within the forms of nature, to retrieve the wisdom in mosaics, connectivity, biodiversity, patches, matrices, etc. With the ultimate goal of making ecologies in design technology and practice  visible. 

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The Ecotariums were restricted to a holding space of 22 cubic inches and needed to support the created animals life for at least a year. Students were then further challenged to integrate their individual Ecotariums into a "mixing facility" which would allow them to connect and interact. 

The projects were guided by Terreform One who is a non-profit organization dedicated to combating extinction through architecture and urban research. 

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Critical Practitioner: Terreform One


Anirban Adhya
Irsida Bejo
Aaron Blendowski
Alina Chelaidite
Jhana Frederisken
Ross Hoekstra
Aaron Jones
Philip Plowright
Scott Shall
Wes Taylor


Nabil Ajami
Gidaa Alamry
Basmah Algadini
Hassan Alhamed
Ryan Alm
Dustin Altschul
Thomas Apperson
Rndha Baharith
Miao Bai
John Brown
Silvio Brunone
Katherine Cahalane
Brandon Calleja
Lawrence Carcoana
Hua Chai
Jad Chedid
Benjamin Chiu
Kyle Converse
Raymond Embach
Megan Foley
Yang Ge
Ergys Hoxha

Mingxue Huang
Ramya Jangamakote Ramesh Kumar
Marianne, Jones
Brian Keckan
Michael Kemp
Stephanie Kolpacke
Rachel Kowalczyk
Lauren Koziatek
Justin Lee
Zachary Lennon
Nathan Loree
Meaghan Markiewicz
Ruth Mashni
Hanna Matievich
Emily Matt
John McGarry
Di Meng
Eric Meyers
Nicholas Mighion
Micheal Neumann
Oliver Ostrander-Raupp

Jamie Oxier
Gjergji Prendi
Shany Puthiya Kunnon
Gabriel Enrique Ramirez Palacios
Nathaniel Ringholz
Heather Robinson
Steven Romkema
Emmanuel Rubio
Katie Shelton
Matthew Showalter
Rachel Slagh
Paige Spagnuolo
Joy Sportel
Andrew Stone
Nicholas Strahle
Joshua Thornton
Paul Vassos
Thomas Williams
Heather Woodcock
Vanessa Woods
Michael Yakamovich

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