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Starting with the premise that a good understanding of the multiple, sometimes conflicting, agendas of different urban actors is essential for designers who wish to mobilize their own. With this in mind the object of the studio was to use the games that developers, banks, homeowners, community development corporations, preservationists, and other urban actors at play in Detroit today as raw material for design speculations.

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City-making can resemble a board game, where there are players (landlords, tenants, neighborhood associations, developers, banks, commercial entrepreneurs, preservationists, economic development agencies) who, using the hands they are dealt (property, money) and their “chips” (buying power, the power to zone, property rights), play for outcomes (a ”tech town,” a vibrant downtown, a “return to nature,” etc). So students made board games based on the socio-political situation of Detroit

Guided by Interboro Partners, an award winning firm known for working at all scales of city planning, students were introduced and forced to speculate on how to navigate the complex realities of urban development. 

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Critical Practitioner: Interboro Partners


Anirban Adhya
Matthew Cole
Andrew Daley
Beverly Geltner
Ed Orlowski
Phillip Plowright
Elizabeth Sauve


Rani Abdallah
Mohammad Al Omran
Abdulrahman Albannaa
Reem Alzahrani
Salvatore Asaro
Shayna Bahike
David Barniak
Renae Bengel
Jake Bilinski
Magaret Bloch
James Bondy
Mary Jane Boughton
Michal Burshtein
Matthew Callanan
Matthew Cabula
Stephanie Challender
Xingjun Chen
Brian Cook
Amanda Earles
Benje Feehan
Alison Flegel
Karen Gill

Megan Grauf
Brandon Hartwick
Omar Hashem
Ryan Hoepfner
Katherine Johnson
Nigel Joseph
Julia Jovanovic
Tarik Kalajdzic
Haider Kamal
Gania Kandalaft
Michael Knoff
Korey Lesnak
Wang Li
Philip Lywood
Kyle Mac Millan
Brandon Markham
Megan Martin-Campbell
Marcus McKenzie
David Merrick
Dennis Mooney
Emily Morgan
Kyle Myers

Rayan Nasr
Amanda Osborne
Drew Pelkey
Cassandra Pizzi
Adithya Sabapathy
Steven Sack
Martin Sams
Mark Schovers
Erik Schulze
Kirk Schumacher
Luyan Shen
Fadi Soueidan
Robert Stewart
James Thomson
Charles Van Wormer
Zachary Verhulst
Trevor Weltzer 
Amanda Wolf
Brock Wollett
Fei Yang
Yousif Yousif

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