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Working models are a means to experiment first hand with materials and modes of assembly associated with natural forces /phenomena of light, air, water and heat with the end goal of identifying building strategies that allow humans to live in balance with nature. In this sense working models are a vehicle to discovery, innovation and practical application. In this course, modeling is an activity that initiates “hypothetical propositions of a possible order, real or imaginary.” (Á, Malo)

Locate experts from other fields (biology, materials science, ecology, optical science, manufacturing) to advise your team.

A few points that will guide our work:

• Living organisms are generally constructed from (and operated by) soft pliant materials that are renewable and fabricated at low temperatures.

• Resilience and flexibility are key attributes to species success.

• Complexity is an emergent property based on simple rule sets.

• As a system, life is a micro and macro performance based condition of checks and balances and therefore Life generates conditions conductive for life and produces no waste

Dale Clifford

Critical Practitioner: Dale Clifford


Philip Plowright
Jacob Chidester
Beverly Geltner
Mary Cay Lancaster
Ralph Nelson
Christopher Schanck
Tod Stevens


Joseph Adams
Moneer Alahwal
Ryan Asava
Scott Barnes
Angela Bianco
Justin Bolinger
Kevin Boyle
Matthew Brown
Philip Brown
Scott Brown
Brendan Cagney
James Case
Nicholas Cataldo
Cheng Cheng
Julio Cifuentes
Jordan Clark
Sejla Corbo
Eric Craig
Bruce Culver
Christopher Davis
Brent Dekryger
Peggy DeVos
Dulce Diaz-Campos
Angele Dmytruk
Theodore Eberly
Andrew Elliott
Tabatha Estell
Nathan Fisher
Zachary Funk
John Galwaa
Kathryn Grube
Corey Gustavus

Natalie Haddad
Elizabeth Hager
Eric Henry
Lauren Hetzel
Darius Horton
Abeer Ibrahim
Christine Jappaya
Amanda Joseph
Chrysostomos Karatzias
Krithika Karuppiah
Lillian Kusmierz
Quang Lam
Alfred Law
Jia Liu
Adam Lornitzo
Ben Loznak
Matthew McClellan
Ryan Mccourt
Shanna McIlmurray
Eric Meyers
Michael Moeller
Andrew Neevel
Long Nguyen
Shadin Nimery
Maxwell Nykerk
Chinelo Ochie
Andrew Ondersma
Azubike Chukwufumnaya Ononye
Scott Parsons

Tatinia Phinisee
Katherine Piasecki
Justine Pritchard
Iulia Rata
Corey Rees
Brandon Richter
Cyrus Rivetna
Jason Rostar
Zachary Rusu
Rana Salah
Erica Sanchez
Vinay Shah
Raman Shamoon
Romica Singh
Erin Smith
Dickson So
Daniel Stakhiv
Natalie Taleb
Nicholas Wallis
Gregory Wells
Audrey Werthan
Daniel Westendorf
Tara Whelan
Caitlin White
Eric Wingelaar
Stephen Winter
Shanshan Xu
Hassan Zayat
Jinxiu Zhang
Lisa Zucchini

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