The Great Lake are an essential and contested site in North American and Globally. Facilitating access to more than 25 Cities, 8 States, and 2 Countries, the lakes have catalyzed the formation of the modern North American city with such examples as: Buffalo, NY; Detroit, MI; Toronto, ON; Toledo, OH; Erie, PA; Chicago, IL; and Thunder Bay, ON. The Third Coasting project (2011) pursued an architecture that responded to and participated in the ecology of this region and its attendant urban systems.

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Each of these cities have created a direct relationship with their respective lakes, forming a very specific urban form, economy, and culture that capitalizes on lakeside living and access. Students were challenged to collect and use data in order to understand the ecology of the lakes and more importantly how that ecology interacted with the unique urbanism of each of the chosen sites. 

Students were guided by Lateral Office, who's is self described as an experimental design practice that operates at the intersection of architecture , landscape , and urbanism, with the end goal of attempting to provide answers to the following question. Can architecture accommodate the dynamics of ever-changing ecologies and environments?

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Lateral Office

Critical Practitioner: Lateral Office


Anirban Adhya 
Constance Budorow
Beverly Geltner
Aaron Jones
Philip Plowright
Margaret Wong


Abdulaziz Alsayegh
Ali Alwayel
Roena Arapi
Dominic Atisha
David Barduca
Brian Baum
Michelle Belt
Leo Betz
Ala Bokhari
Rachel Breckle
Joseph Charron
Jacob Chidester
Christopher Clanton
Nicholas Clark
Anthony Clement
Tim Clement
John Couture
Nicholas Cuozzo
Erin Curley
Adrienne Davies
Kathleen DeLano
Joseph Demski
Justen Dippel
Mark Driedger
Julia Dutton
Jae Emdin
Erin Fegley
Lauren Freeland

Ronna Freeland
Ahmed Gelan
Joel Gerber
Christopher Gerrity
John Giroux
Valerie Glander
Mohamad Hadia
Christopher Hess
Brenton Hite
Brian Homer
Jenna Horrigan
Jonathon Jackson
Paul James
Susan Karczag
Amanda Kight
Christopher King
Kevin Kirk
Eric Klooster
Joel Kuzich
Mary Lancaster
Margaret Leither
Kriston Lyons
Caleb Marguard
Kyle McDonald
Sherin Michail
Neil Missling
Adam Moore
Leah Mueller

Erica Muldoon
Thomas Newman
Amy Nonhof
Ivan Petrovic
Lindsay Pew
Ashley Phillips
Justin Roberts
Jeremy Roon
Randa Shamaya
Betty Shreve
Joshua Sliter
Natalie Swartz
Nicole Szczembara
Hai Bin Tan
Daniel Tenoff
Undram Ulambayar
Kyle Van Klompenberg
Joshua Wagensomer
Make Wang
Jessica Warrilow
Mark Weisgerber 
Jason Westhouse
Elizabeth Wilk
Matthew Zaia
Joel Zincone

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