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The primary goal of this project is to increase the likelihood of functional success for the Riverfront Heritage Trail by providing needed services such as restrooms, drinking fountains, telephones, security, bicycle repair and trail maps.  The Riverfront West Interpretive Center is another in a series of destination nodes along the trail that simultaneously provide educational and recreational opportunities for the citizens of and visitors to Kansas City

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Additionally, the project should instigate ongoing curiosity about how we as a city have responded and will respond to the riverine environment.   The Riverfront West Interpretive Center should provide insight into processes of collecting data, interpreting data and presenting data that provides multiple frames of reference for visitors to the riverfront.   These processes should be revealed through innovative interpretive stations, or “waystations,” strategically placed throughout the building and/or site.

Students working on this project gained additional help and guidance from El Dorado, an integrated architecture, urban design, curatorial, education and fabrication practice based studio.

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Critical Practitioner: El Dorado


Virginia North
Keith Philips
Philip Plowright
James Stevens


Jovana Andjelkovic Abu-Ali
Marsha Belaire
Christian Bell
Tonya Chaney
Alina Chelaidite
Bryan Cook
Kimberly DeRoo
Becky Fixel
Brendon Friske
Jeremy Gascho
Ryan Grabow
Rodney Guigar 
Nino Handoyo
Tiffany Hodges

Roan Isaku
Stuart Johnson
Raminder Kanwar
Nathaniel Keller
Nicholas LaForest
Mark Lipchik
Constantine Luchian
Jordan Martin
Morgan McDonald
Peter Mikrees
Janel Mroz
Cherie Ng
Justin Shafer
James Singleton 
Graham Spittal

Aimee Vieira
Matthew Wehrly 
James Witman
Kyle Woods
Lauren Opalewski
Lesa Rozmarek
Esther Ryskamp
Matthew Scheiderer
Justin Shafer
James Singleton 
Graham Spittal
Aimee Vieira
Matthew Wehrly 
James Witman
Kyle Woods

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