Carol J. Burns has noted that “conceptions of site can be compared to certain attitudes about designing an addition to an existing work of architecture or construction. One strategy of addition is the extension, which hides the new work by reproducing the forms and materials of the existing structure. As a pure strategy, this is obviously impossible in thinking about architecture as an addition to the (already constructed) site because the physical requirements of architecture are not satisfied by the forms of materials in nature. The other obvious strategy for addition is to design the new without relation to the existing structure as analogous to the model of a cleared site, which brings imported content to a situation conceived as without meaning." Such interaction between received and renovated provides the critical vehicle by which new identities and histories can be introduced to existing notions of site and, in particular, site-specificity.

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Students were tasked with developing and modeling architecture that was cohesive with a speculative site. The models were further restricted by requiring a series of specific rooms. Some of which were: the long room, which needed to be three times longer than it was wide; the niche room, a difficult room to enter; and the pattern room, a residual space between two of the rooms. These restrictions helped highlight the different approaches to incorporating  architecture into a site even when different concepts share similar elements.

The studio was guided by WilliamsonChong, a Toronto based architecture studio known for its contextual specificity,  materials research, fabrication methods, building performance, and client-based collaboration.

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Critical Practitioner: Williamson Chong


Rochelle Martin
Virginia North
Philip Plowright
Diaan Van der Westhuizen


Astrit Alikai
Ricardo Avila
Andrew Balow
Tamara Bannan
Babak Bayat
Stephanie Bieber
Jennifer Bohn
Chris Brown
Misty Cooper
Ryan Cousino
Jennifer Crotty
Carl Cuchetti
James Cummings
Peter Damore
Dawn DeLong
Trevor Dybenko
Christine Freundi
Doris Grose
Alan Hall
Grant Helmkamp
Jennifer Henriksen
Shane Hernandez
Johnes Wesam

Trista Kalous
Jonathan Kaslander
David Kerstetter
David Knapp
Roger Lamp
Brigitte Lefort
Yu Leung
Nicholas Liebler 
Laura Long
Jawan Matti
Jeffrey McCormick
Jon McGinn
Peter McNeil
Galina Mihaylova
Heather Moldenhauer
Martin Mondejar
Brian Murray
Mayur Naik
Angela Nelle-Pagel
Jennifer Norman
Mark Novis

Joseph Ouellette
Stephen Pariseau
Marcie Paul
Peter Pentescu
Emilie Piontek
Patricia Ramallo
Nicole Randolf
Shauna Rasor
Ryan Richards
Laura Roberts
Michele Sargeant
Raymond Schauer
Russell Schoenrath
Nicholas Shango
Anthony Sikora
Michelle Stevens
Kristina Vanek
Jesse Wagner
Amanda Webb
Lauren Yankovich
Stephen Yu
Jennifer Zelazny

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