mark making header Sara Codarin: Robotic Mark-Making

Sponsoring organization: DigitalFUTURES and ACADIA

Collaborator: Karl Daubmann

When we learned to paint we had to understand how to hold the brush, test the pressure against the resulting brush strokes, and build confidence in the dexterity of our gesture. “Robotic Mark Making” traces our process of re-learning to paint but this time using a retired automotive welding robot as an extension of our hands. With this research, we are seeking the productive confluence between an old form of analog expression and the opportunities afforded by new digital technologies. We began with a sketchbook as a means to intimately share different attempts and reflections on the successes and failures with this type of work. The resulting sketchbook documents the various attempts, iterations, parameters, and variables against the circumstances of the pen, paper, humidity, and whim of the designers.

Integrated Path to Architectural Licensing

Department of Architecture


Critical Practice


Master of Architecture Thesis