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Master of Architecture + Master of Business Administration


This 71-credit dual degree program enables students to earn both the NAAB-accredited Master of Architecture and the Master of Business Administration degrees. The program incorporates courses from both disciplines. Prerequisites to this program include a BS in Architecture or B. Arch degree as well as several prerequisite courses in business. This program can be completed entirely online except for the Critical Practice Studio, which requires one week of residency. The total number of credit required for the completion of this program include 44 credits of M.Arch coursework and 71 hours of MBA coursework for a total of 54 hours as delineated below. Students who have completed the Bachelor of Science in Architecture at LTU only take 30 credits of M. Arch

Applicants to the M.Arch/MBA program are expected to have a significant working knowledge of business functions, such as basic accounting, economics, law, and statistics. This knowledge and understanding can come from prior coursework and/or substantial work experience in a functional business area. Students who do not meet this expectation can satisfy their foundation business requirements by taking coursework online or on campus while taking their core program courses.

For specific questions about the dual degree, contact the Chair of Architecture, Dale Gyure, at dgyure@ltu.edu .

The Architecture Program

The architecture program at LTU seeks to develop graduates committed to an articulate and thoughtful approach to socially relevant design. It supports creative inquiry and critical thinking as the basis for design insight, and clear communication as a design objective. The coursework is designed to provide a foundation for the development of architectural design skills and insights, technical training, social responsibility, environmental awareness, problem-solving abilities, and professional competence.

The program is primarily directed toward the practice of architecture, but it constitutes an excellent, broad-minded education and preparation for work in a range of essential fields in and beyond design, including teaching, research, product development and representation and development, and public service. In Track II of the Master of Architecture program, which contains the required graduate coursework, students earn the NAAB-accredited, professional degree required for architectural licensure in the State of Michigan and most other US states and jurisdictions.

Required M.Arch Courses

Students are required to take the following courses for 44 credit hours. Student holding the Bachelor of Science in Architecture from LTU are only required to take courses totaling 30 credit hours.

  • DES 5112 – Design Leadership#
  • ARC 5063 – 20th Century Architecture#
  • ARC 5543 – Advanced Structures#
  • ARC 5034 – Architectural Foundation Studio 3#
  • ARC 5126 – Comprehensive Design Studio#
  • ARC 5804 Critical Practice Studio
  • ARC 5013 Research Methods
  • ARC 5643 Design Theory
  • ARC 5913 Professional Practice
  • ARC 5423 Ecological Issues
  • ARC 5814 Advanced Design Studio 1 or ARC 6514 Thesis 1
  • ARC 5824 Advanced Design Studio 2 or ARC 6524 Thesis 2 ##
  • Six credits of CoAD electives (5xx2, 5xx3, 6xx2, 6xx3)

# - Denotes a course not required for students who have completed the Bachelor of Science in Architecture at LTU.

## - Denotes a course required only for students who have completed to Bachelor of Science in Architecture at LTU. The Thesis is a two-semester sequence of courses that offers students an opportunity to formulate and investigate a hypothesis related to architecture, its practice, tectonics, history, ideas, and design. It demands an independent pursuit and generation of knowledge through the creative process with an emphasis on research. Students interested in preparing a thesis should contact the Department of Architecture for guidelines that outline the qualification procedure for thesis candidacy. Non-LTU undergraduates who take Thesis 1 must take Thesis 2 in lieu of four credits of graduate-level CoAD electives.

For more information about the Architecture Program, coursework, and faculty, please refer to the program website at this link.

The Business Administration Program

The MBA is a degree that is highly valued in the contemporary economy and there are strong indicators that this trend will continue. The MBA program at Lawrence Tech addresses this need with educational experience in accounting, global business, finance, marketing, economics, information technology, operations, human resources, and strategic planning: all areas that support contemporary practice in architecture and urban design.

Required MBA Courses

Students are required to take a minimum of nine MBA courses for 27 credit hours.

  • ACC 6003 Managerial Accounting
  • MBA 6013 Human Resource Management
  • MBA 6023 Global Business Economics
  • MBA 6033 Financial Management
  • MBA 6043 Reflective Leadership
  • MBA 6053 Strategic Marketing Management
  • MBA 6063 Operations and Supply Chain Management
  • INT 6043 Enterprise Information Technology
  • MBA 6073 Global Strategic Management (Capstone class)

Required Foundation Courses

Students may satisfy their foundation business course requirements by taking coursework online or on campus while taking their core program courses. The program offers a full schedule of foundation courses for 0 to 15 credit hours, as needed.

  • ACC 5003 Financial Accounting and Financial Statements
  • MBA 5013 Business Application of Statistical Analysis
  • MBA 5011T Managerial Economics
  • MBA 5021T Fundamentals of Macro Economics (1.5 credits)
  • MBA 5061T Legal Environment of Business (1.5 credits)
  • MBA 5031T Fundamentals of Marketing (1.5 credits)
  • MBA 5041T Fundamentals of Management (1.5 credits)
  • MBA 5051T Fundamentals of Finance (1.5 credits)

For more information about the Business Administration Program, coursework, and faculty, please refer to the program website at this link .

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