Some messages from your fans and supporters...

Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Lawrence Technological University Class of 2020. We are proud that LTU is part of the City of Southfield. 
Ken Siver, Mayor, City of Southfield

When I joined Lawrence Institute of Technology 52 years ago, I did so because I believed strongly in Theory & Practice and how LIT delivered educational opportunities. Much has changed that was unforeseeable in the late 1960s, but I am as proud today as I was then of Lawrence Tech. I know from my decades of student, faculty & administrator interaction, interrupted only by COVID-19, that students must diligently apply themselves to survive & thrive in Lawrence Tach’s demanding programs. I wish you well for a fruitful future of service to your chosen profession & segment of humanity & the foresight the 20/20 variation of your class year implies. 
Stan Harris, PhD LTU Associate Professor Emeritus of Management

Congratulations and best wishes for your next adventure! Work hard, but remember work/ life balance is essential. 
Lashel Crawford, Class of 2006 & 2012

Congratulations to the 2020 Although COVID-19 has delayed your graduation ceremony, you have achieved a great education and acquired many skills at LTU. This delay does not impair your ability, skills, intelligence and enthusiasm to significantly contribute and obtain accomplishments in your chosen field of endeavor. As you start your careers, please take the time in December to celebrate your achievements with the entire LTU community and participate in the delayed ceremony. Congratulations! 
Albert R. Flamme, Class of 1963

Heartfelt Congratulations to the LTU Class of 2020! Like your graduating class, I was introduced to LTU in the fall of 2016 when hired to manage the CoAD printLab, at the time known as the ACRC, or Architecture Computer Resource Center. I've been looking forward to seeing this class graduate because you are the first group of students I've had the opportunity to work with from start to finish. I'm super excited for you all and wish that I could say so in person, in the springtime. Best Wishes, and I hope to see you for the rescheduled graduation in the fall! 
Jeff Evergreen, CoAD printLab

Congratulations on this momentous accomplishment! It is not an ending, but a beginning on an exciting journey. Grab a hold of the opportunities that come your way with both hands. Be flexible and willing to learn new things and push the envelope of your skills. Success is yours to claim! 
Bret Boggs

Congratulations on your graduation. You have worked hard and deserve praise for all your accomplishments. 
Marilyn Rands, LTU Faculty

Congratulations to all graduates, even though the semester ended on a very unusual and perhaps sad note, keep your chin up and focus on the next phase of your life (whether additional schooling, a break, or the start of a career). It may take a little while, but there will be significant work for all in the coming months as the country gets back to work. Onward!! 
Steve Farrelly, Class of 1988

I hope you have the same happiness and success as an LTU graduate as I have since I graduated in 1951. Congratulations! 
John Vagnetti, Class of 1951

As you enter a new season of your life, remember that you are being prepared for something greater than yourself. Allow yourself the freedom to learn, which includes making mistakes, and when you make mistakes or need assistance, ask for it. Seek out a professional mentor, if you do not already have one, and understand that this new season of your life will impact you spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and financially in ways that you have not imagined. Be a good steward of what God has blessed you with and be aware of the challenges that may exist, and know that God is for you and has created you for success. Congratulations! 
Alice (Simpson) Morse, Class of 1988

Congratulations on all your hard work. May all your accomplishments bring you the very best. Stay confident you have graduated from one of the most extraordinary institutions! 
Cassandra Floyd, Class of 2017

Congratulations to the graduating class of 2020! Thank you for choosing LTU to be your university. I hope you all surpass me in the field for which I have trained you. It has been my distinct privilege to have been a part of your college experience. Remember, "Possible is everything." Aspire to be the best in the world at what you do. I believe in you, and you are key players in the future of our discipline. Be the leaders I know you can be. I'm already proud of you, and I have every confidence that you will take your professional futures in directions I've never even imagined. I will miss you all, and hope you will keep in touch! 
Prof. Ben D. Blau, Audio Engineering Technology Faculty

Dear Class of 2020 Graduates, Congratulations on your accomplishments and please know that there WILL be a great future ahead of you on the very near horizon! Michael Tomkins, Class of 1978 Congratulations to all 2020 graduates! You are coming out during a challenging time, perhaps even more, just as we did back in 2008 (Great Recession). It will also bring a lot of new opportunities, changes, and choices. Good luck and welcome to the corporate world!  Happy to help if anyone wants to consider opportunities @Amazon.
Anjireddy Arikatla, Class of 2008 Sr. Lead Data Engineer @ Amazon

Congratulations 2020 graduates! Not only have you earned your degree from Lawrence Tech, you have done it under extremely unique, and challenging, circumstances. Good luck in your future, wherever it may take you. 
Andy Richards, Women’s Soccer Head Coach 

Congratulations! The average worker does just enough to get by. Remember, the worker that does more than expected attracts the attention of management. 
Albert Olson, Class of 1957

Congratulations to all of you and your families. Your years at LTU have been an important, successful and hopefully, a fun time. To those of you with whom I shared a classroom or two, thank you. It suffices to state that this semester has been different. Well, you've been told before that life is full of surprises. Carpe diem! 
Congratulations, Professor Winer, Adjunct Professor of History

Congratulations Class of 2020! Graduating from this fine university is no easy task. I wish each of you much success on your new chapter in life. 
Peter Egigian, Class of 1984

Never lose faith in yourself, your country or your fellow man. Never give up. 
James Clarke

Congratulations to all the Blue Devil Graduates who quickly acclimated to virtual reality to finish out their semester and programs! Thank you to LTU for holding the virtual space for all of us to gather. Our world is certainly different and what you have done and how you have done it to get to this point will get you into the future. Continue to: persevere, have a purpose, be proactive, be positive (it's contagious), principled, and productive - you will continue to move forward!
Dr. Stavros, LTU Faculty

Congratulations to all of the Graduates of the 2020 Class. You have all worked hard and are a special group. I wish you all blue skies and sunny days in your future endeavors! 
Richard Hazy, Class of 1976 

Congratulations! You've worked so hard to get to this point, and we are so proud of you!
Colette Sherfey, Academic Advising

Congratulations and welcome to the club! 
David Reid, Class of 1991

Congratulations! Your hard work, creativity, and innovative mindset show the amazing spirit that the Lawrence brothers set to foster when they founded LTU. Graduating at such an exceptional time shows an incredible strength of character encompassing courage, tenacity, and fortitude. The flexibility and patience that you have shown at this time of uncertainty have been cemented as lasting characteristics that will help you be a champion for innovation in our society. Go forward with your head held high as a member of the Blue Devil family forever! 
Adam Berry, Class of 2006 & 2016, Admissions Counselor

My sincere congratulations to the class of 2020 from the class of 71. LTU is an amazing university and believe me, your education will bring you success beyond. Remember, just because you are not taking the actual ceremony at this time, you are still a GRADUATE OF LTU. So, go forth with pride and tackle your dreams. I know I did with my education at LTU. 
David Wulff, Class of 1971

Congratulations on achieving this major milestone in your life. Now the fun begins, go change the world. we are counting on you. 
Benedetto Tiseo, FAIA, NCARB Class of 1978 CoAD Adjunct Professor 1980-2018

To all of the FATBERG Game artists and developers. Congratulations if you are graduating this year!!! It was a kick to work with such talent - thank you for the experience. Best of luck wherever you land - you got this!! 
Barbara Aylesworth, Class of 1983

Congrats. I hope you all find success in your life. 
Rasmi Zuraiqat, Class of 1990

Although your graduation has been postponed and there’s a feeling of no closure, I’m sure the future will have great things in your way. We are very proud of you and don’t let this situation think you are less than any other classes. 
Santiago Amigo, Class of 2019

Congratulations Graduates! Seize the next opportunity. Always look for the next challenge. And most of all, stay curious. 
Courtney Sturgis, Class of 2017

Congratulations Class of 2020! Your hard work and perseverance will prevail! Stay Strong and soon you will be joining the class of 2018! 
Yasmin Stanton, Class of 2018

In my lifetime, I've been to enough colleges to know that LTU students are one of a kind!! You will certainly lead. As our focus here at LTU is to create leaders, you are also winners. You are important to the longevity of our nation. God Bless you, Congratulations!!
Bridgett Bailiff, College of Engineering

Dear Graduates, Congratulations on all your hard work and dedication to your profession. I have so enjoyed your energy, humor, intellect and enthusiasm here at LTU. May you have success and happiness in your hopeful futures. My advice is to try to enjoy the simple pleasures in life they are the moments that make the tapestry of your life joyful. Please keep in touch and know your Professor's are very proud of you and wish you the best. 
Sharon Carter, Math + Computer Science

Congratulations to all of you! Know that you have completed an important milestone in your life and remember that your dreams should not stop here, this is just the beginning for your success. With your dedication and perseverance, you will make a great difference in your life and our society. Enjoy your success and stay safe.
Rania Horani, Class of 2015 Congratulations Class of 2020!

You have a God given assignment & purpose that only you can fulfill. Face your fears. Dare to fail. Chase your dreams. You are Destined for Greatness! 
Constance Bell, Class of 1998

Congratulations to the class of 2020! All of your hard work has paid off and you can soon go out into the world and realize your dreams. Eventually this pandemic will be over and we can return to normal life. Until then stay safe and don't lose hope. 
David Fawcett, Math + Computer Science

Congratulations Graduates of 2020. I was in your shoes 50 years ago as a graduate from the School of Architecture in 1970. My career took me many places throughout the world and I'll always have those memories. I retired from Electronic Data Systems as an Architect in 2007. I now live with my wife of 51 years in Fairview, TX. Our three kids, five grandkids and two great grandkids are all here in the Dallas area. Your dedicated hard work and education will lead you to having a very comfortable and enjoyable life. So, remember to 'always do the right thing' and get ready for a lifetime of adventures. Again, CONGRATULATIONS!!!
Doug Parnian, Class of 1970 

CONGRATULATIONS To all of the May 2020 LTU Graduates!!! We are so proud of you and this monumental achievement. Your drive, determination, and passion to succeed have put you here today. I can only imagine how this current crisis has impacted you and your respective families. Just know that because you're an LTU graduate, you are strong and resilient. Keep your head up! You ROCK! 
Best, Donna L. Bell, PhD Class of 1989

I attended L.I.T. (Lawrence Institute of Technology) in the mid-sixties, I believe it was and still is a great school.
Gary Broad 

Congratulations ~ Class of 2020. 
Kenneth Kisabeth. Class of 1959

As a new faculty member to Lawrence Technological University this academic year, I am impressed by the warm welcome I received and our campus community at large; thank you. We look forward to your contributions making the world a better place and improving the human condition. Go Blue Devils! 
Mr. Brian Kaminski, MS, RN, AGACNP-BC Senior Lecturer of Nursing Department of Natural Sciences College of Arts and Sciences

I know how hard you've worked to get to this point in your life. And to miss that crowning achievement - walking at graduation - is a real let down. It's not about your career or where you'll go from here. A graduation ceremony has nothing to do with that. It's all about congratulating yourself on your achievements and sharing that with friends, family and even faculty. It's a physical point in time where you can say that chapter of your life has ended and a new one begins. Celebrate now, with your family, even if you intend to participate in December. Maybe even wait until June and hopefully, you can celebrate with friends too. Or, do something of your own making over ZOOM. You need that closure. You deserve that closure. The next chapter of your life might be a little slow to take off with businesses closed, but that will be short lived and your hard work will pay off. 
Grace Smith, Class of 1985

This year has made you stronger, tougher and braver. Don't waste it. Keep it going. You are the best of our future and our hope. 
Corinne Stavish College of Arts and Sciences

Congratulations Class of 2020! It may have been an odd ending to your time at LTU but Blue Devils are strong and will overcome obstacles thrown at them. Keep up the great work and we look forward to when you can come back to campus to celebrate you- either at commencement in December or Greek Day in the future.
Jamie Vassel Student Engagement 

Congratulations to the class of 2020! You may not be ending your experience the way you expected you would, but know you will be so much stronger and better prepared for the world ahead of you! Go out and make all of us Blue Devils proud! 
Greg Sikora, Class of 2011