As a member of the Class of 1972, you have an opportunity to help enhance engagement with the University and reconnect with former classmates. Your involvement will help create a memorable 50th Anniversary Reunion for you, and your fellow classmates. 

Benefits of serving as a Jubilee Committee Member:

  • Reconnecting with former classmates
  • Building a stronger connection with your alma mater and helping build a legacy that will support LTU students in perpetuity
  • Enlisting class unity and rekindling your Blue Devil pride

Class Ambassador Responsibilities:

  • Contact fellow classmates to encourage their attendance at Jubilee Celebration and their participation in the class gift.
  • Complete your memories and updates information.
  • Attend the 50th Anniversary Celebration on October 14 & 15, 2022.
  • Attend bimonthly meetings (virtual or in-person) to help plan and promote the reunion activities
  • You will be asked to reach out to classmates you know and given a limited list of others, based on your associations and the total number of committee members. Maintain confidentiality of all information that may be provided to you about your classmates.
  • Advise Alumni Engagement staff on themes and messages that will resonate most with your class.
  • Encourage classmates to update the University via the Class of 1972 Update Form (sent via mail and available online).
  • Help identify other potential committee members or classmates of influence
  • Lead by example and make a financial commitment to the Jubilee Society Endowed Scholarship* at a level that is personally significant to you.Samples of solicitation letters, social media outreach ideas and other potential communications. 

Lawrence Tech will provide:

  • Recognition at the event and in event related publications
  • Staff support from the office of Philanthropy and Alumni Engagement.
  • A list of classmates and contact information when available and appropriate, plus updates (e.g. “John Smith has not yet submitted his update form”) on those “assigned” to you.
  • Regular updates on event progress
  • Samples of solicitation letters, social media outreach ideas and other potential communications. 

 Become A Class of 1972 Ambassador

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