Masonry Wall and Entry Patio/Stair Repair and Replacement Work is now complete

Picture1.jpgBen Tiseo, FAIA; has worked diligently to champion the wall repair and secure donated labor and materials for the repair of motor and tuck pointing work needed in the house and the rebuilding of the masonry retaining wall and repair of the sunken carport concrete area working with the International Masonry Training Institute, Cathedral Stone and Nawkaw Co. The repairs will provide new drainage means to prevent further rain water related damage to these areas. The sale of custom pens made and designed by Fred Butters, FAIA, Esq. provided the funds needed to complete the work .

In the next phase in Spring 2013 the asphalt circular drive, which is not original, will be removed. The asphalt drive has caused (or at least contributed to) some of the problems we are experiencing at the driveway retaining wall. During heavry rains, water runs down the drive and onto the concrete apron under the entry canopy. The repairs will entail removal of the asphalt drive- which will end much of the drainage onto what is now the concrete portion of the drive. The concrete itself will be replaced with crushed limestone consistent with the original gravel drive design, which will also reduce water collectionas the limestone will simply allow water to leach into the soil. We plan to install a relief tile in a gravel bed (together with relief measures in the retaining wall itself) parallel to the drive side of the retaining wall which will discharge any water that does collect into the retention pond to the East. As there should be little water collection from now on this is a measure to alleviate any rain water that does collect against the West side of the wall.


Work Phase Summary

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Masonry wall, Exterior Stair Overview description of work to be performed and causes from initial diagnostic investigation:

Originally the driveway to the Affleck house was a permeable material, probably gravel. Overtime the driveway was paved with asphalt and a concrete apron was installed in front of the house. The Picture2.jpgpaving has created a drainage flow toward the house. While two drains were also installed to collect and redirect the running surface water, over time the foundation for this pavement was eroded causing the pavement to crack and heave. Thus the water was inadvertently redirected to the exterior stair. This water flow had undermined the backfill for the retaining wall and caused the stair to settle. While no foundation damage has been done, the side wall and stair had considerable displacement and were vulnerable to failure. The wall and lower level exterior stair and related entry patio concrete pad sections needed to be disassembled, replaced re- anchored and the wall area was maintained as historically correct and rebuilt with a blending of new and reclaimed masonry units.

Partial or all labor and material to remove side wall masonry, re- anchor, and re- brick Partial or all labor and material to remove and replace concrete exterior stair.


Masonry Brick Tuck Pointing

Picture3.pngOver the years attempts to maintain the exterior of the home resulted in inappropriate tuck pointing in many areas. Tuck pointing is the procedure used to remove and replace the mortar between masonry brick units. The home has two original mortar specifications. Red mortar was used at head joints, which are the flush joints, and conventional grey mortar issued for the bed joints which are raked joints. Masonry comprises approx. 50% of the exterior material used on the home. Failed mortar joints and improperly performed tuck pointing repairs need to be corrected to ensure weather tight integrity of the structure.

Donations: Partial or all labor and material to clean and tuck point original exterior walls of the structure. Interior brick surfaces are in good condition but exhibit efflorescence stains in certain areas of the house. In addition the fireplace wall is coated with soot.Partial or all labor and material to clean interior brick and chimney

Project Work Description Summary:

Masonry wall repair at entry drive upper level/lower level exterior stairs, and masonry repairs, tuckpointing, cleaning and re-staining mortor, planter wall rebuilding.

Dates: 5-20-2012 through 9-30--2012


LTU Admin./ Staff/Faculty and Outside Firms/Contractors Lawrence Technological University.


Project Leaders

Ben Tiseo , FAIA Distinguished Alumni Committee, Project Architect-
Mr. Tom Ward, Construction Coordinator, International Masonry Training Institute, Warren ,MI .


LTU Faculty and Staff Support.

Joe Veryser Campus Architect
Brian Raymond- Curator Affleck House;
Daniel Faoro, Affleck house restoration committee

Student Workers for site work: Matt Puz, Nathan Jemison, Andrew Bradford.

Wall rebuilding and tuckpointing, masonry cleaning and repairs and
rebuilding of planter wall.

Lidel and Hart, masonry bracing and construction staging.

Belden Brick Company- New masonry

Cathedral Stone, Interior Masonry Cleaning

NawCaw Mid-east Division, Mr. Bill Mohler, mortor stain for head joints.

Fanelli Construction, wall stabilization/ temp. construction bracing.

Daniel Gallagher, LTU Architecture Student.
Masonry wall repair at entry drive upper level/lower level exterior stairs

Student Concept - Redesign of Grounds at Affleck House


Affleck House by Jerry Carter and Lesa Davis PDF image

Affleck House Allied Design by Ryan Maynard and Kirk Stefko  PDF image

Affleck House Analysis and Design by Stephen Bonamy and Ken Hodson PDF image

Final Board PDF image

Affleck Site Project PDF image by Joe Kuzich and Julia Rata

Affleck House Landscape Proposal  by Kyle McBain PDF image

The Affleck House
by Christy Scherzer and Jenn Ross PDF image