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The Lawrence Tech Aero Design team participates in the SAE Aero Design West competition which is held every year early April in either California or Texas. The competition revolves around designing, building, and flying a large scale, remote controlled plane that is intended to carry a specific payload. Most recently, the payload has been steel plates and soccer balls. We are rewarded points based on how many soccer balls and weight in steel plates we can lift while taking off within 100 ft. Our total score is the total from the top 3 flight rounds achieved while at competition.


2019 13th - overall
2016 8th - oral presentation
2012 10th - overall
2011 8th - overall
2010 5th - oral presentation
9th - overall
2009 8th - overall
2007 1st - written and technical communication
9th - overall
2005 3rd - oral presentation


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Explore entrepreneurship through a business-focused vehicle design. Pitch sponsors, network with industry, develop timelines and sell the product.