What is Aero Design?

This annual event is sponsored by the SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) International, specifically directed toward college students interested in aeronautical engineering. The competition is integrated into the engineering curriculum as a year-long project (first-year students through seniors).

Compete in the regular class against other teams from around the world.

Design, build, test, and fly a heavy-lift radio-controlled aircraft with a set of constraints:

  • Airlift the most weight possible
  • Aircraft weight limit of 55 lbs.
  • No dimensional constraints
  • Powered by a single electric motor with a 1,000 watt limiter
  • No fiber-reinforced plastics can be used as construction materials
  • The plane has to take off within 100 feet and land within 400 feet


Explore entrepreneurship through a business-focused vehicle design. Pitch sponsors, network with industry, develop timelines and sell the product.


Sponsorship has many benefits for your company and for our team.